SOUNDTRACKING: Get A Mystic Cabin Kick Out Of Ollsin & Kran’s New “Family Band”

by Daniel Colussi | I’ve gushed about my love for S.T.R.E.E.T.S. here before – their gonzo-skater spirit conjured the essence of Vancouver in a totally unique and memorable way. They were a true hometown band and though the days of skateboarding naked through East Van are long gone, I’m psyched to learn that S.T.R.E.E.T.S. main-guy Johnny Ollsin and wife Kim Krans have been working hard with their appropriately named new group, Family Band. They’ve built themselves a mystic-cabin in the laid back zone of the Catskills in rural NY, and the old world, frontier spirit of New England has seeped into the music. Ollsin has ditched the urban riffery for something altogether darker and expansive, a kind of gothic country that stares out into the untamed lands beyond a city’s borders.

This is music of and for the wild unknown. Hey, why not check out their new album in its entirety?

Daniel Colussi is the Music Editor of Scout Magazine and a contributing writer to Ion Magazine. A veteran employee of Zulu Records and tuneage aficionado, he DJs on an infrequent basis (about four times a year) and is a musician around town who plays in several ensembles.

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