The Very Coolest Music Video That You’ve Likely Never Ever Seen Before #295

September 3, 2011 

Savage Night At The Opera | Destroyer

Remember back in 2009 when we posted that awesome 1978 film called “Rendezvous”? In it, French film director Claude Lelouch bolted a camera to the front bumper of his Ferrari and had a still anonymous professional Formula 1 driver tear through the heart of Paris at death-defying speeds running red lights and nearly killing dawn’s pedestrians in order to meet up with his girl. It was brilliant. Anyhow, director David Galloway’s new music video for the Destroyer song Savage Night At The Opera was clearly inspired by Lelouch – red lights and all – only it’s Vancouver and not Paris, a motorcycle instead of a Ferrari, and a woman doing the driving instead of a man (the dude she meets up with and hugs in the end is Destroyer front man Dan Bejar). The ride starts in Railtown/Gastown and ends up in Stanley Park. Hold on! This equals amazeballs!

  • Kurtis

    Love it, of course, and worthy of posting- but I don’t quite think that this one in particular should fall under your “likely never ever seen before” video section. It’s probably a fair assumption that much of the Scout demographic are those who pop over to Pitchfork and the like on a regular basis, all of whom have been goin’ ga-ga over this.

    Missed ya at the Re-Up/Tantalus party there, boy-o!

  • Scout Magazine

    All of our editorial decisions are steered by the assumption that our audience is made up of cave dwellers.

  • geoffro

    Can’t talk now; gotta go drive around Vancouver really really fast.