VANCOUVERITES: Thirty Eight Questions With New Diva At The Met Chef Quang Dang

We like Quang Dang. He is short and good tempered, owning a cool name that few know how to pronounce (we’ve been calling him “Wang” to his face for years). He’s also a terrific cook, currently masquerading as the executive chef at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver and its posh little restaurant, Diva At The Met.


Four things about Kitsilano that make you want to live there: Good restaurants, nice people, the beach, and the quiet. Even if I start disliking the ‘hood, I can’t stand moving.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating: Chips with sour cream, and bacon…I’m addicted.

Default drink? Beer.

The thing that you really dig about working at Diva: Great kitchen with space to cook just about anything, and the crew.

The thing that you miss most about working at C Restaurant: Chef Clark and Harry . Ah, the adventures…

Bartender who could sell you anything? All of them.

What makes you angry? Cars that keep trying to run me over.

Drink you’ll never have again? The gag drink that I made out of Chinese rose liqueur, shrimp paste and sambal.

The thing you hate to cook? I don’t hate cooking…it’s the cleaning up after.

Scariest moment at work, ever? Work shouldn’t be scary.

Favourite Vancouver bridge? Burrard, except for the bike lane…it’s annoying for a cyclist who likes to ride fast in traffic (me).

Best Vancouver patio? My place. I own a keg fridge.

Last night’s dinner? I didn’t have any. I was tasting food all day long.

One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver? Less rain.

Have you ever had your heart broken? No.

Cheap place for dinner? Any pho restaurant.

What is the worst cliché ever? All of them, but man are they fun if used properly.

If you could rename yourself? Dude, why would I do that? My name is already Quang Dang.

Best sneaker in the world? My flip flops.

Paying for downloads? Sure.

The person you’d most love to cook for? Any cute girl…

Your ancestry? 1/2 Vietnamese and 1/2 Canadian-Scottish, AKA “whitenamese”.

Under what circumstances would you join the army? None.

Best bar stool in the city? The one closest to home.

Dumbest purchase ever? A ceramic chef’s knife.

What are you proud of? Being able to cook.

Have you ever punched someone hard in the face? Yes and I beat him down with my sharpening steel. He tried to rob me of my bagels on my way to work.

Musical instrument you long to play? I gave up on piano years ago.

Sport you gave up? Field hockey…for now.

The game you’re best at? Pissing people off.

Have you ever fired a gun? Yes.

Scariest situation you’ve ever been in?
Waiting in line to get off Grouse Mountain.

One thing of no value that you will keep until you die? Do I look like hoarder?

A trend that women follow today that isn’t sexy? Lululemon pants with the wrong underwear.

Favourite Canadian town we’ve never heard of? Swastika, Ontario: saw it on map once.

First memory? Slamming my thumb in my mom’s car door…the only time I actually locked the door. That hurt.

First album that made you love music? LP of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” and the original “Transformers: The Movie” soundtrack.

Most embarrassing moment ever? I embarrass myself on a regular basis. I’m kind of used to it now.


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