Gastown’s Long Overdue “Nicli Antica Pizzeria” Looks Sharpish

These shots came my way this evening…

Bill McCaig

Bill McCaig

Bill McCaig

The delay is driving me crazy. They’re looking to open within a week or so from what I hear. Never heard of Nicli Antica Pizzeria? Short story: it’s worth knowing about. Long story: I encapsulated a couple weeks ago:

If you’re a pizza wonk like me and have been patiently drooling for months waiting for the opening of Gastown’s Nicli Antica Pizzeria (which aims to be the first certified Neapolitan pizzeria in BC), then you’ll have noticed that their latest target date for opening (mid-December) came and went without any pizza in your mouth. Sigh. The good news is that owner Bill McCaig has hired his key staff, finished the floors, installed the neon signage, had his electrical and plumbing inspected, made an appointment with Intertek to test his Acunto wood-burning oven so that it meets ULC standards and released his menu (read it after the jump). The bad news is that work continues at 62 East Cordova, and we won’t – if all goes according to this new plan – be able to sup at the 40 seater until January (originally, he had hoped for early last summer). Double sigh. Oh well. Patience, right?


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  1. I don’t think it’s one long banquette of deuces. It’ll open up once its broken into four tops and such. At this point I could give a damn, really. So I’d probably levitate, sure. But let’s see some freakin’ pizza already.

  2. @ raincoaster

    have there been other times when you’ll see a restaurant while it’s not open, perhaps seeing the chairs inverted on the tables, and think ‘HURR, HOW WE S’POSED TO SIT ON THOSE?’

  3. I think the banquette table arrangement is ideal for me. That way my date (wife) is atuck there and has to listen to me go on about sports, cars, or vintage variations in the Southern Rhone.

    BTW how do you sit on those upside down chairs? The restaurants that have them seem to never have customers.

  4. Ha, Raincoaster is vindicated! I was at tonight’s soft opening and there was much amused discussion between tables about how difficult it was to leave the banquette without depositing one’s ass in the neighbour’s antipasti. For the first sitting it was, in fact, all deuces.

    Anyhow: the place rocked.