Phew! Gastown’s “Nicli Antica Pizzeria” Not Dead, Just Delayed


July has come and gone and local pizza aficionados have been cornering me plenty, wondering whatever became of the hotly anticipated Nicli Antica Pizzeria, the authentic Neapolitan-style pizzeria that was supposed to open last month at 62 East Cordova.

Fret not, amici. It’s been delayed is all. I spoke with owner Bill McCaig yesterday for a story I’m writing for next week’s paper, and he explained that they ran into some trouble with their engineering plans, which halted construction and set the rumour mill grinding. The new plans were submitted to the City some six weeks ago, and they’re hoping to get a green light to resume work this week. Let’s hope they do.

Best case scenario: the forty seat pizzeria – which is gunning for Vera Pizza Napoletana certification (a first for BC!) – will open in October.


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  1. In the meantime, try the amazing Ah-Beetz restaurant in Abbotsford. It is worth the drive for fhe highest quality toppings and charred crust.