The Long Awaited “Judas Goat” Opens In Gastown’s Blood Alley

Co-owner Scott Hawthorn mugs through a Hunter & Gather designed felt peephole in the entrance to Judas Goat

Judas Goat has finally opened in Gastown, and it looks great for a shoebox hideaway that doesn’t take itself too seriously. For an explanation of the art within from co-owner Sean Heather and shot shots of the pre-opening interior shots of the 21 seat, Spanish-inspired tapas micr0-restaurant and wine bar, click here. For shots from their first full day in action, check below for several…

  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat
  • Judas Goat

Break a leg.

There are 7 comments

  1. Agreed on the price of beer in Vancouver – it’s ridiculous. A pint of lager in London is typically around £3.20 or $5 Canadian. You don’t need to tip, there’s no extra liquor tax slapped on top and that’s a full 568 mL pint.

    How can Vancouverites, with median household incomes of $60k, afford to go out for a pint?

    Hopefully someone will start a “good value” trend when it comes to beer…

  2. Microscopic bruschetta defy even $2 price tag. Carrot cream overtook the teeny tiny rabbit rillette. I’d say the food does take itself too seriously. The crowd was hip, however, as was the decor.

  3. I’m in favour of continueing to tip and the high liquor taxes pay for all of those luxuries we seenm to like here in BC. Like roads, bridges, hospitals and schools.

    Restaurant and bar prices are very fair here in Vancouver. Sure beer is cheap in London but how do you afford the rent or to buy?

    I also look forward to trying Judas Goat and when I’m there, I’ll tip and enjoy an imported beer.

  4. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world that slaps on the extra liquor tax to a bill. Other countries still have “roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.” without it.

    It just seems odd that given salaries in Vancouver haven’t increased much in the last decades, household income is about 60K, real estate prices are exorbitant, head offices have been leaving town, for yet another “up scale” place to open with “up scale” prices.

    Pubs in the UK and tapas bars in Spain cater to the average working joe. That’s probably why they’re always busy. They fill that niche of having a casual non-restaurant place to go with friends where you can have a drink and a snack for under $10. Vancouver only has this in the form of cafes. Now if only Starbucks sold beer…

    Ah well I guess the market will decide…