New Cookbook Featuring 70 BC Chefs To Be Released Oct 17th

vancouvercooks22I am very excited to say that the Chefs’ Table Society’s new cookbook, Vancouver Cooks 2, is at the printers with a release date set for October 17th. Edited by Joan Cross, Jamie Maw, and myself (with a great foreword by Vicki Gabereau), it features recipes from over 70 of British Columbia’s very best chefs. This project has been a year in the making, and we’re thrilled that it’s now out of our hands. Check after the jump for a full view of the cover and more information.


Here’s a quick edit of the publisher’s teaser:

“Five years after Vancouver Cooks, which sold more than 13,000 copies, the Chefs’ Table Society returns with over 100 new recipes from 70 chefs around Vancouver, Victoria and the Okanagan.

Divided into four sections – local food, international flavours, emerging talents and pioneering chefs – Vancouver Cooks 2 celebrates the key elements that have forged Vancouver’s unique culinary culture and made the city a world-class dining destination. We also see the industry behind the scenes, understanding its heritage and the innovative strides Vancouver chefs are taking.

Written for the home cook, Vancouver Cooks 2 pairs more than 50 full-colour photographs with the mouthwatering recipes, each with wine notes.

Royalties from the sale of this book go to the Chefs’ Table Scholarship and Bursary Fund.”

So who is in the book? Nearly everyone – Bishop, Bastien, Schuermans, Carlson, Geraghty, Istel, Clark, Tojo, Vij, Hawksworth, Feenie, Posteraro, An, Belcham, Bell, Craig, Walt, Mackay – the list goes on and on. Their food is beautifully represented in stunning photographs and paired with VQA wines by none other than Vancouver’s top palate, Sid Cross.

We hope to have a link ready to go on the Society’s website that will allow for pre-sales. Stay tuned.


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