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The People

Teresa Kuhn | Partner
Gian Marco Litrico | Partner
Brenda Korby | Partner

About The Olive Oil Merchant

The Olive Oil Merchant is an Okanagan based importer of Italian specialty foods focused primarily on Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Why only extra virgin?  Because its the only grade of olive oil that speaks.  It expresses its olive variety and the age of the trees.  The ground underneath and its irrigation.  It provides clues about harvesting techniques, and the care of the olives before milling.  You can detect the millers dedication and artistry, faint notes touching on the land, its region, the country of origin and the centuries of tradition and know-how behind this famed oil.

In Italy alone there are over 700 different types of olive cultivars resulting in thousands of different olive oils. Like wine, each oil has its own flavour and personality. A cooking staple, with unsurpassed health benefits, the right olive oil can also offer a little moment of beauty when it is matched with the right food.

We believe that whether you live in Vancouver or Vanderhoof, Port Coquitlam or Port Hardy, Kelowna or the Kootenays, British Columbians should have access to high quality, pure and natural specialty foods at fair prices. Each product with the Olive Oil Merchant portfolio has been hand-selected based on carefully crafted criteria: all are award-winning, artisan, 100% Italian and not previously available in Canada. The majority come from small family run businesses much like our own.

While the Canadian government doesn’t enforce EU regulations that were created to protect consumers from fraud, The Olive Oil Merchant does. All products indicate the origin of the olives down to the actual grove, a best-before date and a bin number so that products can be traced.

The Olive Oil Merchant provides wholesale service to restaurants, markets and caterers throughout British Columbia and retails via the webstore across Canada.

Favourable Mentions

I have a new favourite, the Librandi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A flavour powerhouse: “Its aroma is complex and round with lots of medium ripe tomato. The taste is elegant and strong with vegetable tones throughout.” Basically, I want to pour this liquid gold on everything I eat. – Jennifer Schell, Kelowna Capital News

The specialty oil can be traced to an actual grove, have a best-before date (I love this idea) and a bin number so that products can be traced.
– Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal

Our products ranking in Flos Olei 2011 ( – the guide to the world’s best extra virgin olive oils

Librandi Organic (Calabria) – 97/100 and Olive Oil Mill of the Year 2011
Bonamini (Veneto) – 92/100 and Best EVOO in the DOP Delicate category
Frantoio Franci (Tuscany) – 97/100 and Best Blended EVOO in the Intense category
Torretta (Campania) – 96/100
La Collina (Le Marche) – 89/100
Ranchino (Umbria) – 90/100
Tenuta Rasciatano (Puglia) – 88/100
DeCarlo (Puglia) 94/100

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