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Master Roaster Brian Turko Of Milano Coffee Shares His Tools Of The Trade


Tradecraft takes Scout readers into the workshops, kitchens, and toolkits of Vancouver’s most talented crafts-people. From trusty pencils and custom-built machines to good luck charms and bespoke chef’s knives, this new column aims to get to the bottom of every creative attachment. No laptops or cellphones allowed! Today we take a look inside the fragrant workshop of Brian Turko, master roaster and founder of Milano Coffee, who’s been keeping a large segment of Vancouver’s population buzzing for years now.

1.  Petroncini Coffee Roasters | “My two Petroncini Coffee Roasters (Italy, est. 1916) are the paramount starting point to everything I do, transforming raw, plastic-like green coffee beans into toasty, coco brown wafers – the world’s number one legal stimulant! Once roasted to perfection, I harmonize up to 13 different beans to create Milano’s award-winning espresso blends.”

2. 2kg Scoops | “‘Mano,’ my 2kg metal hand scooper. I usually have three of them within arm’s reach.”

3. Guitar | “Also always at hand is my acoustic guitar. It’s a bit like a security blanket as the guitar was something I mastered before the art of espresso blending. I always go back to it when I’m in a creative rut.  Sometimes I taste with my ears before the espresso ever hits my taste buds.”