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Gastown’s “Pourhouse” Looking To Open Before The Month Ends


They’re getting real close at Pourhouse on Water Street. Menu tasting for staff went down today and the room is booked for a wine tasting on Tuesday. We’re crossing our fingers for the weekend without getting our hopes up.

  • Entrance, hostess stand
  • Entrance, hostess stand
  • Dining room entrance
  • From the back of the dining room looking towards the front
  • From dining room looking towards the bar...
  • The bar...
  • The bar
  • IMG_6334
  • The bar
  • Stool detail
  • Period sofas make for extra bar seating...
  • Extra bar seating
  • Stemware
  • Soldiers...
  • Looking down the length of the bar (right) and dining room (left) to the kitchen and chef's table
  • Taps are activated by foot pedals.
  • Banister detail from deuce table 51 (unique recycling of Victorian radiators)
  • Executive chef Chris Irving
  • The house cock...
  • Co-proprietors | chef Chris Irving and bar manager Jay Jones
  • Jay Jones' staff trophy for general unkemptness

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There are 5 comments

  1. The name is “Pourhouse?” Really??? As the province poises to make it a crime to be homeless just in time for Olympic revelry is this name at all appropriate? Sometimes tongue-in-cheek = foot-in-mouth.

  2. You go semantics police person!

    No wonder they call Vancouver “No Fun Town” – sheesh!

    Lattitude in your attitude MissT604.

  3. i was there with the boys (Jay and Chris) the other night having charcuterie and beers – it seriously looks incredible – and the sneak peek at the menu makes me salivate! a return to simple, comfortable and nostalgic dining. congrats boys, i really am routing for you.