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Cold Pacificos And A Gabillion Tacos Set To Rule On Hastings…

Inside the soon-to--open La Taqueria on West Hastings, aka the "Pinche Taco Shop" (the F@cking Taco Shop)

I ate so many tacos (con Dos Equis e Pacifico) at a preview of La Taqueria (322 West Hastings) last night that when I rolled out of bed this morning I actually bounced. I love the nearly finished space. It felt much more open and lively than it did when it was the original Nuba, which had a considerably darker charm to it. Now it’s a sparkling, tiny, shoebox, and I wager it’ll fly when they open this Tuesday.

Tacos! Carnitas up front, with pesce to the left and asada to the right

They came fast and furious: savoury pork confit carnitas with pickled onions, chocolatey pollo can mole, evenly spiced al pastor pork sweetened with pineapple, braised and tooth tender beef tongue, cucumber cooled and super beefy asada, juicy pico de gallo-kissed fish, and more.

I’m looking forward to trying them all again very soon. See you next this Tuesday.

From the rear of the room...
From the rear of the room...
In the tiny front window kitchen...
From across the street...


  • La Taqueria exterior
  • Co-owner Marcelo Ramirez (ex-Le Faux Bourgeois) passes the goods
  • Marcelo, Rafael, and Tina
  • Consultant chef Tina Fineza and restaurateur James Iranzad (Hell's Kitchen, Abigail's Party, The Flying Tiger)
  • Enrique
  • Tacos! Carnitas up front, with pesce to the left and asada to the right
  • Tina discusses her tacos with some guests
  • 3896943547_18e17a0099_o
  • Esqueleto
  • co-owner Rafael Cuellar
  • The menu
  • Mmm...
  • Iranzad chows on his haunches...
  • Best friends froever...
  • Business cards (for real)
  • Stairs to the patio (maybe next summer)
  • The back deck is awesome (maybe next summer)
  • From the back...
  • La Taqueria exterior

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