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Anticipated “F@cking Taco Shop” On West Hastings Nearly Open

La Taqueria frontage at 322 West Hastings shot August 12, 5:52pm | ScoutMagazine.ca ©

Two months ago Scout broke the very welcome news that Victor Bouzide and Ernesto Gomez of Nuba, Marcelo Ramirez of Le Faux Bourgeois, and PICA grad Rafael Cuellar were combining their powers of Greyskull to create an authentic Mexican taqueria in the old Nuba location on West Hastings. The project is called La Taqueria, and its subtitle – Pinche Taco Shop – translates as “fucking taco shop”. Yes sir. A walkthrough of the location today showed it near completion. Dig it after the jump…


It’s gonna look sharp, a little bit of Mexico on West Hastings. Consulting chef Tina Fineza will be menu testing next week, and they aim to be open before the end of the month.


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