Odd Society Spirits Hosting Delicious Day-Long Ukrainian Snacks Fundraiser This Weekend

On Sunday, April 10th, Odd Society Spirits will be hosting some of their chef friends – Tatiana Pakhomova, Todd Graham (Hand Taste Ferments, Wild Thing), Andrew Morales (Txirimiri), and Kody Abrams (Greenhorn Cafe) – for a delicious (and boozy), day-long celebration of Ukrainian food and culture.

The event was inspired and organized by Pakhomova, who is of proud Ukrainian heritage, along with her partner, Joel McNichol (also Odd Society’s distiller and brewer). For snacks, expect a bunch of traditional favourites, including Holubtsi (cabbage rolls), Vareniki (perogies), and Dessert Pirozhok (sweet deep-fried dumpling). The food will be complemented by a drinks menu including beer, wine, cocktails and, of course, Odd Society’s own vodka, served up two ways.

The whole thing goes down from 3 to 8pm, and is called Смаколики (Sma-koly-ky), which means, roughly, “yummy/tasty things”…For more details on what that translates to on the plate, check out the full menus below. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations can also be made in advance here. Proceeds from food and drink sales will be donated to Ukrainians affected by the current conflict, via various grassroots humanitarian aid organizations such as Кожен Може (EveryBodyCan).

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