The Whip Restaurant and Bar Scheduled To Pull Its Final Pints on Friday, January 14, 2022

Photo: The Whip

Cody and Clay Allmin (Published on Main, soon-to-open Novella) are ready to set a plan in motion. What the duo has in mind for The Whip has not been made public, but given the pedigree and track-record of this team, it’s likely that this long-time Mount Pleasant side-street watering hole can expect good things.

Loved by many, The Whip (a neighbourhood pub housed on the ground floor of the the 110-year-old Ashnola Apartment Block on the corner of Main and East 6th Avenue) has been a community hub and unpretentious place to grab a burger and beers with friends for the past 25 years.

For me, the menu at this beer- and cocktail-forward establishment always felt like a postscript, and that was fine. Although only a few steps away from a familiar strip of Main Street, The Whip’s ample windows, slender profile and two-floor seating layout gave it a unique feel that could take me out of the city, to another time and place – and that is why I liked the place.

Still, I never left my house to go to The Whip. Instead, I found myself there. It was a last minute place to grab a drink before going somewhere else, or somewhere to end up after the main event: always there, always open, but always an afterthought. My guess is that whatever Cody and Clay have in mind will change all of that.

Although the building (designed by architects Braunton & Liebert and constructed by locals Tolman & Co. in 1912; background here) will come with design limitations, the space has beautiful potential and we’re anxious to see what is in store. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, if you’re interested in dropping by for one last drink, The Whip is open Wednesday to Saturday, 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., up until the final pints are pulled on Friday, January 14th. Walk-ins are welcome!

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  1. Sad that its closing but I was under the impression that the Allmin brothers have been owner/operators of the Whip for at least a couple of years now. Its been a defacto Twin Sails outpost for at least that long.

  2. It is true that the Allmin brothers have been owner/operators for the last few years. The changes coming will realize their original vision for the space (plans that had been put on hold at the start of covid).

  3. The amazing this about the Whip is the daylight.

    It’s different than so many Vancouver spots that way. It has a long stretch of south facing windows where the light just pours in.

    So many Vancouver spots sit on east or west side of streets and are long and narrow with minimal daylight coming in the front windows.

    The whip was always dependable and easy to get a table. It was an original in late 90s/ ealry 2000s when finding something casual, cool and comfortable wasn’t easy. The Whip and The Foundation were early oases in that hood.

  4. Well said, Long ago resident.

    The Whip is Dead.

    Long Live The Whip!

  5. I fondly remember back in the day when the whip was somehwat of a boozcan operating in half of the current space with blinds closed. Good late night times!

  6. I loved the space and the beer and most things about The Whip but the service was probably the worst in the city.