Sharif Sharifi Shares His Definitive Records

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to scour their sonic-led memories to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes.

For this edition, we drop in on Sharif Sharifi, co-owner and operator of cool Mt. Pleasant cafe, Coffee Roastery Modus, to find out how his discerning tastes translate from coffee and into the sonic sphere…

Jam City | Dream a Garden

A really random find – 90% of the time I just go for mixes and sets, and when I have time just ID music off of those – and I found this random gem. An eclectic album with a lot of ambient tracks, lots of synths; it’s a nice blend of acoustic and electronic sounds with great vocals that just blend in with the rest of the post-rock(?) noise.

Emmett Kai | Baby Hits!

All of Emmett Kai’s stuff has a signature sound – think nostalgic 90’s pop reimagined, weirdly addicting and catchy. A lot of it has a timeless sound to it thanks to the tight minimal production and super dreamy vocals. A necessary post-party, morning-of selection.

Jack Priest | Wolf + Lamb Deja Vu, Vol. 2

This album is def a branch off of my younger techno heavy days. Essential chill vibey house. From a fav artist of mine, also happens to be on one of my favorite labels as well. A selection of loved tracks by Jack Priest from other artists off the Wolf+Lamb label.

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