Thieves Smash Window, Burgle Organic ‘Eternal Abundance’ Grocery on Commercial Drive

Photo via IG | @eternalabundance

The all-organic Eternal Abundance grocery and vegan cafe was broken into and burgled last night. This is so gutting and sad to see happen to some of the kindest, sweetest, most well-meaning people on The Drive. As if these past few weeks haven’t been hard enough for small, independent businesses!

From their Instagram:

We were broken into last night. Front window smashed, tills sawed off and stolen, debit machines, laptop, delivery tablet all stolen. Not much reward for the burglars but a lot of damage to fix and things to replace on our part. Small businesses are already struggling due to the times, so being violated on top of this is just such an incredibly discouraging blow when we’re already down.

If you’re in a position to lend them a hand, you can do so by arranging a grocery pickup or delivery order, buying a gift card for a friend, or purchasing a juice or smoothie on your walk by. As they say in their post: “Anything helps.”

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