Everything You Need to Know About the Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund

Talia mentioned the Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund in her Intelligence Brief this morning but it’s worth a dig down. Here’s a copy of their launch release with relevant links and details on how funds will be distributed:

To help flatten the curve, restaurants and bars are now closed, resulting in many job losses and with that, unexpected immediate hardships. A group of hospitality folks have come together to spearhead a new relief fund for the community. The Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund (VFBC Relief Fund) aims to help those who are in critical need of short-term financial assistance.

According to WorkBC, the Food Services and Drinking Places industry accounted for 6.5 per cent of British Columbia’s workforce in 2019, which equals 163,282 jobs.

“There are so many incredible people in our industry; so many creative and talented individuals who help shape Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island’s food and beverage scene,” says Dallah (full name Abdallah El Chami), chef and partner of Superbaba. “And now, so many of them are out of work and face a dire situation. Even with Employment Insurance, a large population is living near or under the poverty line, making it difficult to purchase basic essentials. This is our call for help so that we can help them a little bit to get by right now.”

VFBC Relief Fund is doing a call out for donations. All money raised will be distributed to food and beverage workers impacted by COVID-19, who require urgent financial relief. Those applying will receive access to relief funds ranging from $25 to $150 to use towards basic necessities, such as groceries, covering a bill, going towards rent, and/or filling prescriptions.

Currently, the newly formed organization is coordinated by Dallah, Tacofino’s Head of Finance Puneet Kochar, and Tacofino’s Head of People and Engagement Taylor Chobotiuk. They will be adding more to the group to ensure accountability in reviewing applications, its delivery, and operations.

“We had to do something to help our friends, neighbours, and family – they are the backbone of the industry,” adds Chobotiuk.

For more information, please visit www.vanfbc.com and follow @VanFBC on Instagram.

VFBC Relief Fund Mission | In collaboration with members of the F&B industry, we will work together to raise funds that are to be distributed to hourly F&B workers who are suffering job loss due to Covid-19 for necessary items such as groceries, bills, medication, and toward rent payments.

How funds will be distributed | Funds will be available for hourly workers in the food and beverage industry that were impacted financially by COVID-19 by request. The request will be completed through a form where the individual will self-disclose basic information, including the funds requested and what they intend to use them toward. The person would receive an amount ranging from $25 – $150 dollars, with the stipulation the more they take the less there will be available for others. Funds will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, one time per person.

If you have the means, give what you can. THANKS.

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