Nemesis Coffee Ready at Polygon Gallery

The North Vancouver location of Nemesis Coffee has been well over a year in the making at the Polygon Gallery. We can expect to see them softly open their doors tomorrow (Friday, December 14).

It wasn’t the prettiest of days to make a Sea Bus crossing yesterday, but I was keen to finally step foot inside the new Nemesis — a step I’d been keen to make ever since I saw the first design renderings of it in the autumn of 2018…

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The dull light of inclement weather aside, I’m happy to report that it looks beautiful — more than worthy of the stunning new building and gallery that houses it. The 35 seater comes complete with a pair of gathering nooks, a three-seat pour-over “slow bar”, a line of benched booths opposite the futuristic Modbar machines and sweet thing display case, a row of bar height stools that look into the glassed-in open kitchen (aka ‘Dope Bakehouse’), and a speaker wall inset with soul, jazz and old school hip hop records — not only will this place look, smell and taste good, but it will sound good as well.

The new Nemesis will be open from 9am to 5pm tomorrow, then from 9am to 5pm on weekends, and from 7am to 6pm on weekdays. They don’t have a liquor license just yet, but they have taps lined up in anticipation of that particular green light, and plans for special after-hour dinners down the line.

Here’s an excerpt of what Scout published about the project back in November of last year…

A few days ago I met with Jess Reno, co-founder of Nemesis Coffee to discuss their expansion plans. It’s exciting times for the small, local company that opened its first cafe on West Hastings St. back in February, 2017. Not only have they got a 2,000 sqft micro-roastery and cafe in the works for the new Emily Carr campus on Great Northern Way (50 seats with a huge garden and liquor license), but they’ve also signed a 10 year lease at North Vancouver’s new Polygon Gallery at the foot of Lower Lonsdale […] Of course the interior is subject to change, but I’m psyched at how simple, uncluttered and clean it looks. The 1,600 sqft, north-facing cafe is being designed by Waissbluth Architecture with entrance points from both the street and the gallery interior. The Nemesis crew have come a long way in a very short time. They’ve accomplished this with no outside financing, opening their first cafe with a cash float of their last $35 (and several crossed fingers). They start construction as soon as their plans are approved, which is to say – with any luck – at some point before Christmas. Opening day is being set for Winter/Spring 2019.

And here’s a draft of their opening press release…

That’s it y’all, the wait is over. Nemesis has taken the sea bus from downtown and landed in North Vancouver. But better yet, we’ve brought all the homies (and the butter) with us.

Nemesis Dope Bakehouse at Nemesis Polygon is a revived street version of everyone’s favourite family bakery. In true Nemesis style, we have gone all out and created the flyest bakehouse that Vancouver has ever seen. Our strong familial culture continues throughout this shop along with all the usual Nemesis touches like, records spinning, warm design and hugs and high fives for everyone!

Pastries & baked goods take centre stage at the Dope Bakehouse. Expect the classics from the OG Gastown location, but turnt up, boundary pushin’, flavour flav! Think crazy tropical fruits, wild flowers, seasonal and local ingredients, all rollin’ with the freshest of pastries.

Even though all these new vibes are dropping, Nemesis will always have the heart of a coffee joint. We’re going to be using the same World class roasters that you find at Gastown, which means a strong focus on Austrailan and Nordic style roasters such as, La Cabra, Tim Wendleboe, Code Black and Market Lane to name a few.
Since there’s a perfect balance of people on the go heading to the sea bus and folks taking in the hood at a slower pace, we have prepared a quick but real rad brunch menu for y’all to grab on the run or sit down and kick it with us for a while.

We’re absolutely humbled at the opportunity to add a bit of our flavour to one of our favourite neighbourhoods. The coffee, food and experience we’re bringing to North Vancouver, we hope, will create a positive impact on the scene and culture here.

Nemesis is a home for everyone. Especially those who share a love of all things food, coffee, design, music and culture. We’re driven by our passions and pursuits, but more importantly than all of that, we love building a space and creating a home, a family. Everyone is family or a friend of Nemesis. Everyone is our people.

Take a look inside…

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