‘Published’ Opening Soon at Main & 20th

There’s a new restaurant that’s about to start construction on the northwest corner of Main and 20th. The 100+ seater will be called “Published”, and it should be ready to launch by early summer, 2019.

I checked out the raw space yesterday at 3593 Main Street with the lead owner of the project, Cody Allmin, who readers might recognize as one of the twin brothers behind Port Moody’s excellent Twin Sails brewery (the other twin being Clay Allmin). Though Published isn’t associated with the brewery in any way and won’t be beer-focused, it will no doubt benefit from Cody’s marketing and graphic design expertise, which he has honed doing Twin Sails’ branding since its start.

Cody says the focus here will be on wow-factor cocktails and the refined, West Coast-inspired cooking of 34 year-old chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson. This young talent has made all the right moves a young chef can make, having skipped town (essential) to stage at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe (including Noma in Copenhagen) before returning to toil through the ranks under the guidance of local greats (also essential), in Gus’ case under Scott Jaeger (The Pear Tree) and David Hawksworth (Hawksworth Restaurant). He’s been a Sous Chef for years now, so he’s earned some prime time and a kitchen of his own.

Despite that high-falutin’ pedigree, Cody assures me they aren’t going for formal. He wants Published to be a casual, approachable restaurant of the sort that regularly exceeds expectations — something along the lines of Annalena and L’Abattoir. There will – of course – be beer (some 8 taps), and plenty of wine, but it’s important to remember that Cody was a bartender before he was a brewer, and that those affections die hard. It’s fair to expect really good things on both the food and cocktail fronts.

It’s a voluminous, two-level space (newly built where the old Continental Sausage used to be). The kitchen (with commissary potential) and bathrooms are located downstairs and spread out over 1,800 sqft, while the dining room and bar on the main floor occupy just under 2,000 sqft. They’re hoping to launch with a 15-20 seat patio under a shade tree along East 20th. The expectation is that they start construction next month with an eye to opening by the time summer gets into full swing.

What’s with the name? From my conversation with Cody, it sounds like “Published” conveys the right sense of contributive undertaking and accomplishment he’s aiming for; the kind that comes when a carefully considered effort is properly executed from start to finish and then shared with the world at large. That the name is passive-tense and past-participle feels right – especially at this early stage – as it conveys both confidence and a will to do the hard work required to see a project like this through. The name is unorthodox, but not thoughtless.

Again, it’s early days still. We’ll have more on Published as it develops over the next several months. In the meantime, take a look inside…

  • IMG_8764
  • IMG_8778
  • IMG_8768
  • IMG_8770
  • IMG_8760
  • IMG_8776
  • IMG_8772
  • IMG_8773

There are 6 comments

  1. If the bathrooms are downstairs, does that mean they won’t be wheelchair accessible? Hope not.

  2. Any update on opening dates? I live in the area and am really looking forward to it.

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