Inside Kits’ Imminent ‘Their There’

AnnaLena owners Jeffrey Parr and Mike Robbins are nearly done with their remodelling of the old Mission space at 2042 West 4th Avenue. I took a look inside the 2,300 sqft space – soon to launch as a cafe called Their There – just before the weekend.

It’s looking good in there. For background, here’s an excerpt from our story that broke the news of Their There’s coming last month:

I know Robbins likes to do everything himself design-wise (twas thus at Annalena), so expect the look/concept to be a little idiosyncratic/different from that of the typical “third wave” cafe. From the little that I’ve been told to date, it sounds like they’re aiming to put in some 30 seats (two-tops, benches, stools) anchored by a communal table. Much of the construction has already been done off site.

The food and drink programs should prove top drawer. Parr just returned from a research trip to Portland and is looking at stocking beans from Heart Coffee Roasters, while recent Annalena hire Lucian Kirby (formerly Nelson The Seagull, Hawksworth, Buca) will oversee breads, pastries, sandwiches and so on.

Again, it’s looking good in there. I love the half tile, half concrete floor (with black sneaker footprints); the white milk crate-bottomed stools; the mixed slab tables and assorted chairs; the lego tower and the assorted “Bear Brick” sculptures; all that plywood on the walls (reminding me of Aurora Bistro from back in the day); even the pair of decorative kicks hanging over the fireplace. It’s very different.

I also like that it’ll be licensed, serving two local beers (I’m hearing 33 Acres to start) and one wine-by-the-glass per season (this summer it’s rosé).

It definitely looks like it’ll be a cool place to break bread, sip coffee and hang the hell out. I can’t wait to see what the final effort looks like when it opens to the public – crossed fingers – on July 1st. Hours of operation will be from 8am to 5pm, seven days a week, though they might be closing on the first few Monday for rest and retooling, if needed. Take a sneak peek below:

  • IMG_0990
  • IMG_0986
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  1. Very limited seating..wouldn’t want to be there when it is busy. What’s with that wall deviding the space in the first picture? Is there a hidden room back there? Previous restaurant had way more seating. Such a waste of space. You think with the high rents in Vancouver, the business would maximise the capacity to bring in more revenue. This business will likely turn people away due to lack of tables.