That One Day When Summer Suddenly Arrives


1,000 Cool Things About Vancouver is a pretty self-explanatory Scout column that gives equal weight to the common attributes and obscure intangibles that make our city well worth living in. Getting to a thousand is a pretty ambitious goal, but we believe in our city and we’re already well under way, working backwards to avoid the more predictable stuff…


It hasn’t come yet. You know it. I know it. We all know it. But there will come a magic day – as it comes every year – when we will all wake up to surprising warmth and blue skies and it will last all day and well into the evening after the sun goes down. There will be beers and park hangs and sand between our toes. Temporarily lifted will be thoughts and worries of ‘Fixed Term’ tenancies, shitty roommates, that dick at work, and all the rain that led up to this day. It will inspire BBQs, Burrard Inlet freighter counts, camping trips, all-nighters, seawall circuits, ice cream runs and run-on sentences. And it will be glorious. It usually happens right about now, or around a month before the official start of summer (June 21). There have been two days in the last week that have been close, but they fooled no one. We’ll all know for sure when it happens. It’s close. We can feel it…


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