“Hardwired” Blend By Doi Chaang Coffee Co. On Special Throughout Autumn

Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is a local coffee company that uses Thai beans | 604-689-3312 | doichaangcoffee.com

The GOODS from Doi Chaang Coffee Co.

Vancouver, BC | It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’ve returned to work after a few blissful days of vacation. It can be an adjustment, which is why one local coffee company wants to help you with its organic, ‘beyond fair trade’ coffee. Thai Doi Chaang Coffee Company wants you to get back into the swing of things with ease by adding a buzz to your mornings (or afternoons and evenings, if that’s more your speed.) The 50% farmer-owned company is offering 15% off on one of its special blends, Hardwired, all Fall-long. Learn more after the jump…

When you shop online here, enter the coupon code grinding and receive your discount. Hardwired is a dark roast, full bodied blend made up of Doi Chaang Thai beans, and beans from Nicaragua and Peru. All Certified Fair Trade, Organic and Arabica – and a certified kickstarter for your time. Not a fan of the dark roast? No problem. Doi Chaang also has three more delicious blends, as well as a variety of Single-Estate roasts to choose from. Available at your local grocery store including City Market, Choice’s, Donald’s Markets, London Drugs, Safeway and more.



110-807 Powell Street | Vancouver, BC | V6A 1H7
Telephone: 604-689-3312
Web: www.doichaangcoffee.com | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube


  • Doi Chaang Coffee sign in DC Village
  • Doi Chaang Single Estate roasts (l-r) Decaf, Medium, Dark, Signature, Peaberry & Espresso
  • Akha farmers picking
  • DC Coffee biodegradable single serve Aroma Cups (l-r) Social Medium & Hardwired
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  • Doi Chang Mountain
  • Doi Chaang Coffee blends (l-r) Espress-Yoself!, Social Medium, Hardwired & Chillin'
  • Doi Chaang Coffee founders (l-r) John M. Darch, co-founder of Doi Chaang Coffee Company, Wicha Promyong, president of Doi Chaang Coffee Original Company & Piko Saedoo – Founding Father Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co
  • Akha farmers picking coffee cherries

The People


John M. Darch – Co-Founder
John A. Darch – President & CEO
Tanya Jacoboni – VP of Business Development
Anand Pawa – VP of Marketing
Sanja Grcic – Sales and Merchandising
Danika Speight – CFO
Senni Dempster – Administrative Assistant
Katharine Sawchuk – PR Manager

About Doi Chaang


Doi Chaang Coffee’s story is as rich as the coffee itself. Locally owned by a father-son team, John M. Darch and John A. Darch, the Canadian Doi Chaang Coffee Company first opened its doors in 2006 with one requirement; that its farmers in Doi Chang Village, Northern Thailand, own 50% of it.

The partnership created the “beyond fair trade” business model – 50% of the profits flow back into the village. In more than six years, the farmers have been able to have access to running water, electricity, improved infrastructure and even Internet. Doi Chaang focuses on the well-being of the farmers; sending medical supplies to the village, educating the farmers on coffee cultivation and doing it all as sustainably as possible.

All of our coffee is certified organic and fair trade, as well as 100% Arabica – which is the highest quality of coffee plants. We have six Single Estate roasts – Decaf, Medium, Dark, Peaberry, Signature and Espresso – as well as four blends – Espress-Yoself! (espresso), Chillin’ (light), Hardiwired (dark) and Social Medium (medium) – and biodegradable, single serve, Keurig-compatible aroma cups in Social Medium and Dark. We also sell Wild Thai Civet Coffee – totally wild and cage free.

We don’t have our own shops, but you can find us in major retailers like Safeway, IGA, London Drugs, Costco and more. You can also find us through our online shop.



“Delicious without any bitterness . . . this coffee is good.” – Jane Goodall, Conservationist.

“In terms of balance and versatility (on its own or blended, espresso or brewed, medium or dark roast), the Doi Chaang offerings are comparable to the best Kona beans.” – Mark Pendergrast, author of Uncommon Grounds.

“Critic Ken Davids, whose ratings in Coffee Review have become the Parker Points for the beverage, tells me that Doi Chaang Coffee is in the top 10 percent of coffees he has “cupped”, rating around 89-91, where your typical cup of Starbucks is 83 to 84, and Folgers instant crystals come in around 60.” – Timothy Taylor, “Comparing Vancouver’s Coffee Beans”, Vancouver Magazine.

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