Blood Alley’s “Judas Goat” Sold, Will Become Mexi-Cali Eatery Called Gringo


by Andrew Morrison | Sean Heather and Scott Hawthorn have sold their Judas Goat eatery in Gastown’s Blood Alley to a former Irish Heather & Shebeen employee named Shoel Davidson and his business partner, industry veteran Christina Cottell. The restaurant will close and open anew as a Mexi-Cali joint called “Gringo”, which will serve a menu designed by Karl Gregg of Two Chefs & Big Lou’s Butcher Shop fame. Gringo will be licensed, and service will be for both lunch and dinner, eat-in and take-out. The following press release will be sent out later today…

It’s the end of an era for Judas Goat, a Spanishinspired tapas bar located in Gastown’s gritty Blood Alley. The intimate room is one of Heather Hospitality Group’s several establishments, most of which are located in Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhood.

As they close the doors on Judas Goat, Heather Hospitality Group partners Sean Heather and Scott Hawthorn are passing the torch to former HHG employee, Shoel Davidson, who will open a new Mexi-Cali-inspired restaurant, Gringo. Heather is delighted to be handing over his Judas Goat space to Davidson—a restaurant-industry professional, formerly working under Heather at Shebeen Whiskey House—and is proud of him for opening his own establishment. Retaining ownership of the unit, Heather and Hawthorn may use the space again in the future. Joining Davidson in his new venture is business partner Christina Cottell, a hospitality-industry veteran who served as understudy to the owner of Ricky’s and Fatburger for 10 years and has overseen the marketing of over 30 new and existing operations across Western Canada.

Gringo will be serving an all new menu of Mexi-Cali dishes created by Karl Gregg and the Two Chefs team. It’s no secret that Two Chefs are big fans of Mexican Cuisine, whether authentic regional dishes, or comforting LA Street Food classics. So, it’s exciting news that Two Chefs will be providing the delicious fare served up at Gastown’s newest joint opening soon in Blood Alley. Gringo is set to be a small, high-volume restaurant offering affordable Mexi-Cali-style food and drinks in a vibrant and energetic space. Serving lunch and dinner, eat-in and take-out, Gringo will quickly establish itself as a neighbourhood destination for casual lunches, pre- and postgame bites and late-night snacks.


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