GOODS: New Paris-Style Patio Experiment Opens Up At Gastown’s “Rainier Provisions”

Rainier Provisions is located at 2 West Cordova in Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 604-558-2473 |
Rainier Provisions is located at 2 West Cordova in Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 604-558-2473 |

The GOODS from Rainier Provisions

Vancouver, BC | Rainier Provisions, Heather Hospitality’s Group’s delicatessen in Gastown’s historic Rainier Hotel, unveils its Paris-style patio—the first of its kind in Vancouver.

The 30-seat patio, reminiscent of Paris’s bustling street-front eateries, is a pilot project spearheaded by Sean Heather, co-owner of Rainier Provisions and the man behind Heather Hospitality Group. Heather was delighted when his application for the Lower Mainland’s first and only stand-alone patio—situated between West Cordova Street and the public sidewalk—was approved by the City of Vancouver and the BC Liquor Board.

Given Vancouver’s reputation as a “no fun city,” the green-lighting of Rainier Provisions’ patio project is a surprising and exciting prospect for the future of the city’s restaurant scene. The success of Rainier’s groundbreaking patio over the next 12 months could pave the way for other local restaurateurs to apply for licenses to open similar stand-alone patios.

Michael Green Architecture, an award-winning Vancouver-based firm that champions the use of timber in public and private structures, designed a wooden, ship-like frame for Rainier Provisions’ concept patio. Painted in a cool, Paul Smith colour palette, the space is a vibrant addition to Vancouver’s historical heartland. And, in compliance with the City of Vancouver’s stipulation that the patio be taken down on an as-needed basis to accommodate filming, the structure was specially designed to be easily uprooted.

Combining the energy of iconic New York delis, a flavour of London’s neighborhood cafes and a pinch of Gastown’s signature historic style, Rainier Provisions is an airy eating establishment, specialty coffee shop and carefully curated deli. Situated in the Classical Revival-style Rainier Hotel on the corner of West Cordova and Carrall streets, the 102-seat dining room showcases a restored 1907 mosaic floor, oversized heritage windows and exposed original brick.

From morning until night, Rainier Provisions serves old-fashioned, carvery-inspired roasted meats with sides such as mashed potatoes, polenta and gravy. Other favourites include seafood pot pie, pulled pork sandwiches, vegetarian pasta and vegan chili, while the summer menu features ribs, brisket, coleslaw and potato salad. A dessert bar serves locally made Earnest Ice Cream, ice cream sandwiches and Okanagan fruit crumble. To drink, guests select from over 18 types of bourbon, six on-tap beers and exquisite coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Rainier Provisions is now open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and located 2 West Cordova Street on the corner of Cordova and Carrall in Gastown. Visit, call 604.558.2473 or follow on Twitter @The_Rainier for more information.

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  1. Love the idea but when I see the photos all I could think of is “hipster petting zoo”.

  2. Nice idea, but “Paris-style” it is not. It looks more like a cage for adults. In Paris, people are free to sit on an open patio and have a glass of wine or beer without the fear that it is going to spread pandemonium on the street if they are not caged in.