Opus Rooftop Restaurant Rejected By City

Breaking in the forum via the CBC:

A new rooftop patio restaurant planned for Yaletown’s trendy Opus Hotel has been rejected by Vancouver city council, following several public hearings and comments from some 180 speakers.

Councillors voted 5-2 against a rezoning application that would have allowed the proposed eatery, at the last meeting for the outgoing council on Tuesday night.

Coun. David Cadman, who was re-elected in Saturday’s civic election, introduced the final motion to reject the application.

“It really behooves us not to open this Pandora’s box and have all these applications coming in from all sorts of people saying, ‘Wow, I could have a rooftop restaurant on my building.’ We need to get some policy guidelines in place,” said Cadman.

Full article here. Unfortunately, it’s business as usual in the No Fun City. To the concerned people of Yaletown, you live in Yaletown for chrissakes, not some suburban oasis.

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  1. I heard some of the comments from the “concerned” Yaletown folk at one of the public hearings…from their point of view it sounded like they lived in the sticks and didn’t want to lose the gentle chirping of crickets at night. Get real! You have a flat in Yaletown, a small area with the most restaurants and clubs in two square blocks as anywhere in Canada and you sounded like you moved there because you wanted to be away from crowds. Move back to the hills and stop ruining our attempts to put Vancouver “on the map”. Lame.