Chambar And Medina Expanding

The kids spent the night at Grandmas yesterday so after sleeping in past 9am for the first time in months Michelle and I went out for a solid five hours worth of wandering. One of our stops, for a late brunch, was at Beatty’s Medina Cafe. They were packed with a line-up out the door (see all those people milling about), and as I was taking pictures out came owner Karri. She was one of the lucky ones, in having breakfast.


I waved at the crowd and jokingly said “You should think about opening up Chambar during the day or expanding”, to which she smiled and said “We are.” After waiting another 15 minutes or so for a table and getting properly ensconced, she reappeared and led me back through the kitchen, down a hall, and into what will very soon be an open concept space that will seat an extra 40 for both restaurants. The table tops and chairs are already in the room, and they look to be about three weeks away from breaking it in (see photos in the gallery).

Fantastic brunch, by the way. That short rib and applewood smoked cheddar fricasee is like cake.


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  1. That’s good news. I live just down the street and have waited for a table at Medina for 40 minutes before. Nice shots.

  2. I saw you in the store across the street while my husband and I were waiting for a table like you. I assumed you would get some special treatment, but we had our table before you! LOL. You did get a nicer table however…

    Food was good as always. Its too busy and loud on weekends. If you go at 3pm on a weekday it is nice and quiet.

    We love the site, Andrew. Bring the boys past the store soon so we can see how they have grown.

  3. B. and I are loving Scout and missing Chambar while shivering in Toronto!

    Yours, Jim Orton (come visit us again sometime soon, ya hear Andrew!)