Urban Digs & Re-up BBQ Team Up For “Beasty Box” Local Meat Subscriptions

Urban Digs Farm is located on a precious local Agricultural Land Reserve that is less than 20km away from its customers.
Urban Digs Farm is located on a precious local Agricultural Land Reserve that is less than 20km away from its customers.


New Westminster, BC | Conscious consumers now have a new option when it comes to both finding an ethical source of meat and supporting local farmers – The Beasty Box. Re-up BBQ & Urban Digs Farm have teamed up on this “nose-to-tail” butchery box subscription to offer a no-fuss means of eating right – in every sense of the phrase. Similar to the community supported agriculture (CSA) model that offers weekly farm shares of vegetables & fruit, the Beasty Box consists of meat from a hyper-local collective of small farms including Urban Digs Farm (Burnaby) & Rehoboth Farm (Chilliwack) & Hansen’s Beef (Harrison Mills). The animals are sustainably and ethically raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones in an environment that allows them to express their unique physiological needs. Details after the jump…

Over the 8 or 16 week spring subscription, members will receive a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, duck & lamb and perhaps a surprise or two like quail or water buffalo. An Ocean Wise fish option is also available. A typical weekly Beasty Box will contain two servings of:

• prime cuts/raw meat,
• cured meat or sausages, and
• a prepared item like soup, stew or pie.
• 1/2lb bacon

The spring Beasty Box is priced at $392 for 8 weeks or $735 for 16 weeks and will be available for pickup at a variety of locations cross Greater Vancouver including: Re-up BBQ at the River Market in New Westminster, Urban Digs Farm in Burnaby, West Broadway Meats in Kitsilano & Harkness & Co Butchers in Mount Pleasant. For more information or to subscribe, visit www.beastybox.com. Given the nature of the program, there are a limited number of subscriptions available, so interested parties are encouraged not to delay. Learn more about Urban Digs after the jump…



Urban Digs Farm | Burnaby, BC
Web: www.urbandigsfarm.comwww.beastybox.com
Social Media | Twitter: @UrbanDigsFarm | Facebook: Urban.Digs
Telephone: 604-780-5262 | PRESS


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Owners: Julia Smith & Ludo Ferrari

About Urban Digs Farm


Urban Digs is a small farm based in South Burnaby in a pocket of precious Agricultural Land Reserve less than 20km away from the restaurants and families they grow for. Urban Digs strives to grow good, wholesome food in a way that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Urban Digs supplies meat, eggs and produce to Vancouver’s finest farm-to-table restaurants and also offers meat & produce direct-to-consumer through their seasonal subscription programs; The Beasty Box & The Harvest Box. By taking advantage of urban food waste streams, Urban Digs is striving to provide a diet for their animals that eliminates the need for commercial animal feed, is more nutritious and results in better tasting meat.

In addition to enjoying a superior diet, the animals at the farm are raised outdoors in an environment that meets their unique physiological needs and allows them to thrive. Julia and Ludo stay also involved in a number of local projects. They advocate for sustainable agriculture, animal welfare and local food production at every opportunity including community events and social media.

The Urban Digs Community Garden provides raised beds for food production to members of the community who might not otherwise have anywhere to grow food. Julia represented local farmers on the City of Burnaby’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy Sub-Committee and is a founding Director and Co-Chair of FarmCity Co-op, a group of sustainable, small-scale farms in Metro-Vancouver. They are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded businesses & organizations to build a better local food system.

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  1. Hi George…. you’ve got me there. The weight really varies from box to box. Some weeks you get a whole chicken, other weeks you might get a tenderloin. Some weeks you get pate, other weeks you get stock. There is a complete list of what went into the last season of Beasty Boxes on the web site though. Go to the “Meet the Meat” page and scroll down to the bottom. Hopefully that will give you a good idea of what to expect. Each box contains at least two servings of each item.

  2. Really great idea. For me though I would prefer not to have the prepared item. Also seems to be no offals. Hardly nose to tail.

  3. The offal is processed into pates & terrines as most folks aren’t prepared to deal with raw offal. The bones are processed into stocks so rest assured that you get your noses & your tails 🙂

    If mystery isn’t your thing, check out the complete list of what went into every single box last season on the web site. http://www.beastybox.com