Food Media Omnibus #261

Get your food media crack with our weekly distillation of who wrote what in city print and what’s being said on the local blogs:

What’s being said in print

  • Carolyn Ali visits Robson’s still newish Chau in the Georgia Straight.
  • Craig Takeuchi goes searching for Japanese breakfasts in the Georgia Straight.
  • Mia Stainsby gives good marks to the new Irish Heather in the Vancouver Sun.
  • Patricia Best talks up the upcoming star chef-studded “Senza Frontiere” dinner being put on by The Chef’s Table Society at Cioppino’s in the Globe.
  • Alexandra Gill is not too impressed with the recently opened Miku in the Globe.
  • Kristen Thompson discusses the opening of Lumiere and db Bistro Moderne in Metro.
  • Anya Levykh slams Piato in Metro.
  • Holiday tips from sommelier/restaurateur Tom Doughty (Fuel, Campagnolo) in the National Post.
  • Warren Geraghty, West, and the West cookbook get some action in the Canadian Press.
  • Tim Pawsey is impressed by Voya in The Courier.
  • Michael White asks local chefs what they’d want for Christmas dinner in the Westender.
  • I visit Finch’s and scarf baguettes in the Westender.

What’s being said on the blogs

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