Hawksworth Headed For The Hotel Georgia

The completely renovated Hotel Georgia will play host to former West chef David Hawksworth’s 6,000 sq ft. restaurant, complete with 1400 sq ft. kitchen.

According to Hawksworth, the spacious dining room should seat “at least 100?, and there are plans for a 1000 sq. foot private room to boot. The project, called “Hawksworth”, should be ready by the Fall of 2009.

From the Hotel:

Not content with just any restaurant, we’ve asked David Hawksworth, formerly of West, (davidhawksworth.ca) to open his signature dining room here. Your home will be adjoined to the best restaurant in Vancouver. Want room service? No problem. And think how delicious it will be.

The design of the restaurant must take into account that the Georgia is a heritage building (built in 1927), but a breeze through of the design portfolio of Alessandro Munge and Sei Leung at Munge/Leung suggests we’ll see a modern room.

Exciting stuff.

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