‘Pizza Boy Pizza’ Now Popping Up Every Weekend at East Van’s Ubuntu

Rejoice! There’s some delicious seasonal sourdough pizza coming out of the oven at Ubuntu Canteen right now, courtesy of Pizza Boy Pizza (formerly Sweet Boy Creampuffs)!

The Paris-born OG sweet boy, Cham Sbouai, is now making takeout pizzas to order at the Fraserhood restaurant every weekend, Friday through Sunday, from 5pm to 10pm. The pies are approximately 12″ with topping selections that vary week-to-week (and possibly day-to-day) depending on what’s in season and especially inspiring. Past pizzas include Manilla clams, bechamel, persillade, preserved lemon and pecorino; Zucchini, bagna cauda, feta, and basil; Roasted Fennel, goat feta, black olive tapenade and bechamel; among several others.

The menu also includes a vegetable salad and the option to add dip for your crust (a no-brainer). Miss the sweet boy’s dessert? Pizza Boy also offers a rotating dessert, such as lemon verbena and white chocolate custard with rhubarb and hazelnut crumbs.

Orders can be placed online here.

As an added bonus, since Ubuntu is currently operating as Pizza Boy Pizza headquarters, it’s also super easy to get your hands on some delicious wine to accompany your dinner from their tight selection of natural offerings. If you’re extra lucky and have the forethought to pack some glasses, you can enjoy all of the deliciousness on the nearby public patio.

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