How to Pickle the Last of the Summer Peaches and Beans Like a Pro

VV Tapas Lounge chefs Zach Poole and Patrick Fogarty with some of their delicious pickles. | Photo: Scout Magazine

We’re smack in the middle of harvest time, which means it’s also time to squirrel away a little for later. Winter is going to roll around before we know it, so let’s pickle while we can!

If you’ve ever enjoyed one of the charcuterie boards at Strathcona’s VV Tapas Lounge, you can appreciate why we approached Chef Zach Poole to school us on proper pickling procedure. From pineapples and cherries to beets, cabbage, fennel and slightly spicy beans, VV’s pickles come with a variety of flavours and texture profiles. Poole and his sous chef, Patrick Fogarty, were kind enough to meet with me recently to walk me through the basics of making a good brine and two different kinds of pickles…

1 Cup Pickle brine (recipe below)
2 Large peaches
1 Handful (8g) fresh thyme
1 tsp salt
Method: cut peaches into ½” thick slices.
Make pickle brine, see below (we recommend using apple cider vinegar).
Put peaches, thyme, and salt into a 1L jar; pour brine over top until fully covered.
Leave in fridge to pickle for 2-3 weeks minimum.

Yellow Beans
2 Cups pickle brine (recipe below)
½ lb yellow beans
2 Cloves Garlic
1 tsp chili flakes
5 Bay leaves
1 tbsp salt
Method: trim the ends off the yellow beans, and crush garlic cloves.
Make pickle brine, see below (we recommend using white wine vinegar).
Put beans, garlic, chili flakes, bay leaves and salt into a 1L jar; pour brine over top until fully covered.
Leave in fridge to pickle for 1 month minimum.

1/3 Cup sugar
2/3 Cup vinegar of choice
1 Cup water
Method: combine all ingredients and mix until fully incorporated, using warm water to dissolve sugar more easily.

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