Veteran Barman JS Dupuis Does ‘The Dishes’

The Beverage Director of the Wentworth Hospitality Group takes us on a whirlwind tour of his favourite places to eat and drink.
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Veteran Barman JS Dupuis Does ‘The Dishes’

The Dishes is a repeating Scout column that asks Vancouverites to walk us through a map of their ideal day and night on the town. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night cocktails. Tax and tip included.

For our latest edition of The Dishes we ask the talented JS Dupuis, Beverage Director at Wentworth Hospitality Group (Homer St. Cafe + Bar, Tableau Bar Bistro, Musette Caffe), to take us on a culinary tour of Vancouver…

Good morning! What’s for breakfast/brunch?

I’m not a big morning person. For me most breakfast is a large pot of coffee and maybe a smoothie. I need to wake up to take out the hounds for their morning walk. When I do treat myself, it’s either at Plaisirs Sucrés on Arbutus and 11th for Fabrice’s delicious ham & cheese croissant followed by an equally delicious almond croissant. And I’m not talking about a day old restuffed and baked; I’m talking about a fresh, oozing with almond paste freshly baked croissant. I do enjoy brunch tremendously. When I brunch, it’s at Nook in Kits, sitting at Erin’s bar and having their amazing meatball breakfast sandwich. I strongly encourage adding goat horn chilies to it; it’s a game changer. I love brunch because nobody judges me for having 3 pints of IPA for breakfast.

Plaisir Sucré 2668 Arbutus St. MAP
Nook (Kits) 1525 Yew St. MAP

Where should we meet for coffee/tea?

If I haven’t had enough coffee at home, it’s double long espresso time at one of our properties, either Musette Caffe, Tableau Bar Bistro or Homer St Café + Bar. I love strong, robust and bitter espresso and tend to stay away from the citrus, floral coffee.

Musette Caffé 1325 Burrard St. MAP
Homer Street Cafe & Bar 898 Homer St. MAP
Tableau Bar Bistro 1181 Melville St. MAP

Now we’re hungry again. What’s for lunch?

I’m a sucker for Ramen, I could eat it everyday, and I’m very lucky that Marutama Ra-Men is just around the corner from my office. I love the Aka Ramen, with a little extra kick, it really feeds my soul, I’m slightly obsessed with spicy noodle dishes.

Marutama Ramen 780 Bidwell St. MAP

Who has you figured out at Happy Hour?

I rarely get to enjoy the early happy hour because I’m at work but I certainly do enjoy the late night ones and chances are I’m at Café Barney’s in South Granville — my neighbourhood. You’ll find me at the bar drinking some Parkside Brewing Humans IPA and eating some schnitzel soldiers with jalapeno cheese sauce.

Caffe Barney 2975 Granville St MAP

What’s for dinner?

When I feel like staying in my neighbourhood, dinner is at Stable House Bistro on W. 13th to see my friend Chef Carlos Rodriguez. I love his creativity and flavours. I usually peruse the menu and alternate between small plates, cheese and charcuterie. I love to curate my own tasting menu, but always with some chicken liver paté. When I leave the neighbourhood, I’m all about Bao Bei. I’ve been a fan of Joel Watanabe’s food since his Whistler days; I love his flavour combinations and everything they do over there. One of the best dinners I’ve ever had is when, with a couple of friends, we ordered the entire menu, twice. It was a great night!

Stable House, The 1520 W. 13th Ave. MAP
Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie 163 Keefer St. MAP

What’s for dessert?

I like to think that I don’t have a sweet tooth, but that is a flat-out lie. I love sweets, although I tend to go for cheese and whisky after a meal. When I crave sweets, I go to Siegel’s bagels for a sugar and walnut Rugolach, and maybe a raspberry jam one, and maybe one or two of all of their other flavours. They’re very addictive. Then I get a dozen of sesame bagels for home. As a true Montreal boy, I have a hard time living without my Montreal-style bagels and Siegel’s always does an amazing job. It tastes like home.

Siegel's Bagels 1883 Cornwall Ave. MAP

Where are you taking us for late night cocktails?

For drinks, I’m all about Chinatown, starting with Mamie Taylor’s to say hi to Ron and the team. They always have great cocktails and fantastic hospitality; the restaurant feels like my dream living room. Hopefully they still have ham grenades when I arrive. Then it’s The Keefer or Calabash, or both. It’s always a great vibe with great cocktails and a guaranteed good time. I’ll have two of whatever they’re serving! If the night goes really well, it’s on to Tsui Hang Village for some spicy Cuttle Fish and Spicy beans!

Mamie Taylor's 251 East Georgia St. MAP
Keefer Bar 135 Keefer St MAP
Calabash Bistro 428 Carrall St. MAP
Tsui Hang Village 1193 Granville St. MAP

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