Sneak Your Pints Into ‘The Cave’ at Brassneck

Not all restaurant tables are created equal. Some shouldn’t even exist on account of their terrible positioning, while others are so superior in every way that they make the other tables in the dining room jealous. Scout keeps a running account of the very best ones here.

Brewery tasting rooms are inherently social spaces where everyone worships at the same altar of taps. But that doesn’t mean all the pews need to be symmetrically aligned for proper prostration. Far from it. Seats typically come high or low (or in a mix thereof); arranged near the taps or in a room tucked away from them; communal or separated. Seldom, however, is one table purposely isolated from the rest.

The rear corner table at Brassneck is the only case of this that I’m aware of, locally. Internally referred to as “The Cave”, the unique table can fit as many as 10 people and comes with hooks for bags and coats. It is the farthest table from the spouts, and there’s a dividing wall – seen below – separating it from the rest of the room’s sippers.

Though I like its isolation, it’s goings-on aren’t completely unknowable as the wall that separates it from the rest of the tasting room isn’t complete; there’s about two feet of peekaboo. One can easily peer down the entire length of the wooden banquette with a tilt of the head and then retreat back to the relative privacy of “The Cave”. For discreet exchanges, business meetings-over-beers, large groups, and the somewhat socially exhausted beer lover, it’s the best seat in the house.

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  1. Everything is great back there, except for the hundreds of old dusty cobwebs overhead. Delicious dust toppings for your beer! You think a place that is in the business or producing beer would give the building a good clean down every once in a while…

    Was just there on the weekend 🙂

  2. “Sneak Your Pints Into ‘The Cave’ at Brassneck”

    One slight problem, Brassneck does not sell proper British pints.