DINER: Full Results From The 24th Annual “Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards”

Yesterday’s 24th annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards went down at the Wall Centre yesterday. Scout would like to sincerely congratulate all those who took home accolades, with particular love sent to Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek for winning Supplier/Producer of the Year (as voted by the board of the Chefs Table Society of BC), the team at the brand new Forage restaurant on Robson for taking home the Green nod (in their first crack at it); the one and only “H” – a barman before and after his time (but nevertheless punctual); Alain Raye – aka the lord of the North Shore – for his well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award; David Hawksworth for winning, like, 18 awards, including Best Casual Chinese (I’ll have to double check on that); the crew at Wildebeest for winning Best New Restaurant and Best New Design; and John Bishop, the “unassuming Welshman”, for winning the Mentorship Award. Well done all around! Check out the complete list of winners after the leap…

Read all the Vancouver Magazine write-ups here.


Restaurant of the Year | Hawksworth
Chef of the Year | David Hawksworth
Bartender of the Year | “H” (aka Robert Holl-Allen)
Sommelier of the Year | Samantha Rahn
Pastry Chef of the Year | Thomas Haas
Mentorship Award | John Bishop
Supplier/Producer of the Year | Kale & Nori
Green Award | Forage
Lifetime Achievement | Alain Raye
Ingredient of the Year | Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna


Miki Ellis (Minami), Romano Castillo (L’Abattoir), Ike Seaman (The Wickaninnish Inn), Jamie Lauder (CinCin)


Best North Shore | GOLD: La Regalade SILVER: Fraiche BRONZE: Gusto di Quattro
Best Vancouver Island | GOLD: The Pointe SILVER: Sooke Harbour House BRONZE: Sobo
Best Victoria | GOLD: Ulla SILVER: Zambri’s BRONZE: Brasserie L’Ecole
Best Whistler | GOLD: Araxi SILVER: Bearfoot Bistro BRONZE: Sidecut
Best Okanagan | GOLD: Waterfront SILVER: Bouchons BRONZE: RauDZ
Best Winery Restaurant | GOLD: Miradoro SILVER: Old Vines BRONZE: Terrace


Best New Design | GOLD: Wildebeest SILVER: The Fish Shack | BRONZE: Tacofino Commissary
Best New Restaurant | GOLD: Wildebeest SILVER: La Pentola BRONZE: Forage
Best Upscale | GOLD: Hawksworth SILVER: Blue Water Cafe BRONZE: Diva At The Met
Best Casual | GOLD: La Quercia SILVER: L’Abattoir BRONZE: Wildebeest
Best Food Cart | GOLD: Tacofino SILVER: Re-Up BBQ BRONZE: Vij’s Railway Express
Best Coffee House | GOLD: Revolver SILVER: 49th Parallel BRONZE: Thomas Haas
Best Seafood | GOLD: Blue Water Cafe SILVER: Yew BRONZE: Landmark Hot Pot House
Best Upscale Italian | GOLD: Cioppino’s SILVER: CinCin BRONZE: Q4 Ristorante
Best Casual Italian | GOLD: La Quercia SILVER: Lupo BRONZE: La Buca
Best Pizzeria | GOLD: Nicli Antica Pizzeria SILVER: Pizzeria Farina BRONZE: Via Tevere
Best Upscale French | GOLD: Le Crocodile SILVER: Bacchus BRONZE: Five Sails
Best Casual French | GOLD: Tableau Bar Bistro SILVER: La Regalade BRONZE: Les Faux Bourgeois
Best Upscale Japanese | GOLD: Tojo’s SILVER: Minami BRONZE: Zest
Best Casual Japanese | GOLD: Kingyo SILVER: Guu BRONZE: Dan Japanese
Best Upscale Chinese | GOLD: Hoi Tong SILVER: The Jade BRONZE: Kirin
Best Casual Chinese | GOLD: Alvin Garden SILVER: Big Chef BRONZE: Nine Dishes
Best Dim Sum | GOLD: Dynasty Seafood SILVER: The Jade BRONZE: Kirin
Best Noodle House | GOLD: Santouka SILVER: Deer Garden BRONZE: Chef Hung
Best Indian | GOLD: Vij’s SILVER: Rangoli BRONZE: Chutney Villa
Best Korean | GOLD: Sura SILVER: Hanwoori BRONZE: Seoul Doogbaegi
Best Thai | GOLD: Maenam SILVER: Pink Elephant BRONZE: Bob Likes Thai Food
Best Vietnamese | GOLD: Phnom Penh SILVER: Pho Tan BRONZE: Pho Thai Hoa
Best Other Asian | GOLD: Spice islands SILVER: Cafe Kathmandu BRONZE: Banana Leaf
Best Americas | GOLD: La Taqueria SILVER: Tacofino Commissary BRONZE: Rinconcito
Best Steakhouse | GOLD: Hy’s Encore SILVER: Gotham Steakhouse BRONZE: Hamilton St. Grill
Best Casual Chain | GOLD: Cactus Club SILVER: Hapa Izakaya BRONZE: Joey

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  1. Theres always the standard “What? No….!” on these things but seems that Penang Delight (Malaysian) is under the radar. Around the same price as Banana Leaf but far better, more authentic, more mom/pop feel but great food quality, good service, the new location in Vancouver also has a great Malay style decor. Has Scout covered this place in general? Spice Island is good but more upscale. Penang has one of my favourite complete experiences and value.

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