WELCOME | Gastown Charmer “Six Acres” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

September 29, 2014 


We’ve invited Vancouver’s excellent Six Acres to join the Restaurants section of our GOODS program as a recommended place for a sip and a bite. They are now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be sharing their news and employment needs on our front page in addition to hosting a page for them in our archive of local and independent goodness. We thank them for their support and for making Vancouver a more delicious place to be.


GOODS | “Okanagan Crush Pad” Turns 3, Announces Changes To Winemaking Team

September 29, 2014 

Okanagan Crush Pad is located at 16576 Fosbery Road in Summerland, BC | 250-494-4445 | okanagancrushpad.com

Okanagan Crush Pad is located at 16576 Fosbery Road in Summerland | 250-494-4445 | okanagancrushpad.com

The GOODS from Okanagan Crush Pad

Kelowna, BC | As Okanagan Crush Pad celebrated its 3rd anniversary on September 28th, owners Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie are excited to announce changes within the winemaking team. Michael Bartier will transition his role as chief winemaker to Matt Dumayne which will allow Michael Bartier flexibility and the time required to continue to build his own wine portfolio, Bartier Family Vineyards. Michael will continue to consult to Okanagan Crush Pad indefinitely, continuing his work in developing and managing the vineyards. Jordan Kubek will continue her role as sparkling winemaker. The change in responsibilities will allow for a smooth transition through harvest and the critical time of fermentation.

“The past few years have been a whirlwind of activities, with the team at Okanagan Crush Pad experiencing many firsts and some outstanding accolades in a short period of time. None of this would have been possible without the support of our team,” noted Christine Coletta. “We have some of the most talented and passionate people in the wine industry working with us and take great pride in the personal steps and achievements of each.”

Michael has been a key influencer at Okanagan Crush Pad and his work ethos and personal values have driven much of our vision. He and his brother Don have been diligently working to build their Bartier Family Vineyards wine portfolio and the time has come for Michael to devote more time to growing this brand.

Matt Dumayne joined Okanagan Crush Pad in February 2013. Originally from New Zealand, with over 25 vintages under his belt, Matt has crafted award-winning wines in Central Otago, California, Australia, and Oregon. He has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team with a particular passion for Pinot Noir, organics, and natural winemaking. In addition to making OCP’s house wine Haywire, Matt will oversee winemaking for clients including 40 Knots Estate Winery (Comox, BC), Singletree (Abbotsford), Coolshanagh (Naramata), and Vibrant Vines (East Kelowna). Read more

NEVER HEARD OF IT | The Crispy Strip Mall Awesomeness Of Richmond’s “LA Chicken”

September 29, 2014 


by Ken Tsui | Comedian Chris Rock once famously quipped that “after you have Popeyes, you need one of those ‘Men in Black’ memory sticks to erase your memory or else you will just keep coming back to this place every day.” I feel the same way about LA Chicken. Really, the only thing stopping me from a daily visit is the fact that it’s located in a banal strip mall buried deep in Richmond. They follow the fundamental of good fried chicken: a crispy exterior guarding a juicy, tender interior, all without being too greasy. A two piece supper complete with fries, salad, and “down home” gravy is just $10. Bonus: onion chips, McCain cake, and sun-bleached fast food decor from the 1980s.

LA Chicken | 11780 Thorpe Road | Richmond, BC | 604-278-4737 No Website


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “The Vancouver Club” Is On The Hunt For Dedicated Cooks

September 29, 2014 

The Vancouver Club is located at 915 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-685-9321 | vancouverclub.ca

The Vancouver Club is located at 915 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-685-9321 | vancouverclub.ca

The GOODS from The Vancouver Club

Vancouver, BC| The Vancouver Club is a prestigious world class club, always looking for professionals with passion and drive to make the experience for our members second to none. The Club is now accepting applications from creative, talented individuals for the position of Line Cook. Please contact rwindsor [at] vancouverclub.ca with a resume and cover letter. Read more

VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #240 | It Had A Fleet Of These Citroen Martini Bars

September 29, 2014 


by Treve Ring | Dubbed “The World’s Most Intimate Martini Bar”, the Grey Goose-commissioned camionnette van fits only two guests plus a bartender, whose express role is to create bespoke martinis based on guest tastes. The Citroen H’s exterior displays baguettes made from the same wheat used to create Grey Goose vodka, and a peep hole allows the curious/envious a boo inside at the marble, leather, bronze, etched glass, and deuce of happy imbibers. We’d previously desired something similar with wine (the Union Wine Co. truck in Portland), so why not cocktails?


GOODS | Chef Michael Christiansen Wins 2014 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship

September 29, 2014 

Hawksworth is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia at 801 West Georgia St. | www.hawksworthrestaurant.com

Hawksworth is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia at 801 West Georgia St. | www.hawksworthrestaurant.com

The GOODS from Hawksworth

Vancouver, BC | Yesterday Michael Christiansen (pictured above) won the 2014 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition, held at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, BC. The 23-year-old, originally from Winnipeg, stood the heat of the kitchen to beat finalists from across Canada for the $10,000 prize presented by Chefs’ Table Society of BC and a stage at an international restaurant of his choosing.

During yesterday’s final, Michael cooked alongside seven other contestants – each finalist created a recipe using ingredients from the Freybe Mystery Black Box which were only revealed that morning, and presented their dishes to the panel of Canada’s most revered chef judges. Michael made it to the final three with 26-year-old Stephen Baidacoff and runner-up 24-year-old Corey Hess, who was named Le Creuset’s Rising Star.

Michael’s main dish and dessert wowed the panel of judges as both creations, including his lingcod, were exceptionally clean and well balanced. He also won points for his technical ability, judged by Hawksworth Restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine Kristian Eligh and the Chefs’ Table Society of BC President, Chef Scott Jaeger in the kitchen. Michael scored top marks from the judges during a taste test by a panel that included: Chef David Hawksworth, Chef Michel Jacob, Chef Normand Laprise, Chef Anthony Walsh, respected Canadian food writer Jacob Richler and La Presse’s restaurant critic Marie-Claude Lortie.

“The calibre of the young chefs this year has been extraordinary and all of the judges have been impressed by the dedication, passion and creativity they showed in the kitchen,” says Chef David Hawksworth. “We created this national competition to find the top young culinary talent in Canada and we’ve found it in Michael. I’d like to thank all of the judges for giving their time and sharing their expertise with these emerging chefs as well as providing them with the inspiration to take their culinary careers to the next level.

“We couldn’t have held this competition without the help of our sponsors and we’d like to thank our founding sponsor the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for providing an excellent venue and a special thanks to Freybe, GFS, The Gourmet Warehouse and Le Creuset for their generous support. We look forward to next year’s competition and unearthing more young talent across the country in 2015.” Read more

GOODS | CinCin’s New Kitchen To Be The First In Canada With A “Grillworks Infierno”

September 29, 2014 

CinCin Ristorante is located at 1154 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, BC | 604-688-7338 | www.cincin.net

CinCin Ristorante is located at 1154 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, BC | 604-688-7338 | www.cincin.net

The GOODS from CinCin

Vancouver, BC | “It’s a natural evolution of our contemporary Italian cuisine,” says CinCin Ristorante Executive Chef Andrew Richardson.” He is referring to the installation of CinCin’s brand new Grillworks Infierno, a two-metre behemoth of aviation-grade stainless steel, replete with rear-mounted fire cages, a rotisserie capable of hoisting whole lambs, and steel crankwheels that raise and lower the massive grills above apple and alder hardwood and embers.

CinCin Ristorante will be the first restaurant in Canada to have an Infierno.

“The redesign of our kitchen has been a two-year project in concept and execution,” Richardson says. “Our wood-burning forno served us well for 25 years, but this new Grillworks system allows us twice as much room and countless more options – the opportunity to evolve our Italian menus and really use the sorcery of open fire to full advantage. The design is beautiful and intelligent – the adjustable grills mean that cooking temperatures can be controlled precisely and immediately. It’s a remarkable machine.”

Also remarkably versatile, the Infierno can rotisserie roasts, slow-fire many varieties of fish over lower temperatures at greater distance from the heat, or sear-grill prime steaks and chops quickly over very hot embers. The system also creates a “fire to feed the fire” – the rear-mounted fire cage feeds the fruit woods under the grill, combining both wood smoke and the heat of the naturally produced charcoal.

grillGrillworks hand-builds every grill in northern Michigan. The company is helmed by Ben Eisendrath, who revived his foreign correspondent father’s original Grillery® design (a favorite of James Beard himself) then elevated it to the fiery Infierno® series now found in the kitchens of celebrity chefs and restaurateurs such as Danny Meyer, Michael Chiarello, José Andrés and Dan Barber. The Wall Street Journal recently dubbed his creations “Next-level machines.”

“The real evolution at CinCin,” says Toptable Group president Michael Doyle, “will occur as we transition our menus to maximize this new cooking dynamic. It’s a whole new way of approaching our cuisine, and we are confident that our many loyal guests will enjoy it.” Read more

AWESOME THING WE DRANK #679 | Fernet Branca: The Darkly Wondrous Elixir Of Italy

September 29, 2014 


by Treve Ring | The first time you try Fernet Branca, you will hate it. The second time, perhaps assisted by a couple of cubes of ice, you’ll slowly start to warm to its black bitterness and mountain mint charm. The third time, you’re charmed. Your mind thinks clearer, your gut feels clearer and you’re already thinking about buying your own bottle of “the angriest of amaro”. You’ve become one of the countless that have become entranced by this special digestif, known for its healing ways since the late 19th century.

Fernet Branca | Milan, Italy | $30 for 500ml + 674119

Fernet Branca is an amaro – an Italian aromatic liqueur – concocted from 40 different herbs, including trendy St. John’s Wort (though most health tonics aren’t 80 proof / 40% alcohol). The secret recipe was created in 1845 in Milan by spice trader Bernandino Branca. Once the extracts from 4 continents are carefully blended, the heady liqueur sees 12 months in Slovenian oak barrels for balance and taming. Included in the mix are aloe, myrrh, gentian root, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, red cinchona bark, galanga, zedoary and saffron. Branca neat is intensely bitter, in the most positive way. I take mine with a cube or two of ice to mellow.

Pointedly herbal, with full-bodied dark bitter, complex spice and apothecary flavours it’s also employed by barkeeps as a heady base for cocktails. Enjoy it after a large meal to aid digestion, or, the following morning to help with the aftereffects. If that’s a bit too much bitterness for you, try a shot of Fernet Branca in a cup of real cola, as the Argentines do.

A newspaper advertisement from 1865 claimed this “renowned liqueur” to be “febrifuge, vermifuge, tonic, invigorating, warming and anti-choleric”, a drink which had furthermore helped the venerable Doctor Fernet (and several members of his family) to live for over a hundred years. It was also marketed as a cure for menstrual cramps, to aid digestion, impede nervous irritation, stimulate the appetite, treat troubles of the “splean,” cure anxiety, quell stomach aches and headaches, and arrest the effects of old age. The drink’s numerous medicinal claims came in handy during the American prohibition; as a medicine, Fernet-Branca was still legal.

Try a shot. Or, better yet, try three.


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | Mount Pleasant’s Burdock & Co. On The Hunt For A Sous Chef

September 29, 2014 


Burdock & Co. is located at 2702 Main St. in Mt. Pleasant | Vancouver, BC | 604-879-0077 | burdockandco.com

The GOODS from Burdock & Co.

Vancouver, BC | Burdock & Co. on Main Street is looking for a sous chef. The restaurant serves refined dishes crafted from organic ingredients. Chef Andrea Carlson’s relationship with local suppliers ensures that only the best arrives at the table, whether sourced from one of Vancouver’s nearby farms or a downtown urban garden. Please send resumes in confidence to andrea [at] burdockandco.com. Learn more about the restaurant after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Underground Eatery “Farm 2 Fork” Gets Bigger & Launches New Autumn Menu

September 26, 2014 

Farm 2 Fork is an underground restaurant located in Vancouver's Gastown | 778-772-3037 | farmtwofork.com

Farm 2 Fork is an underground restaurant located in Vancouver’s Gastown | 778-772-3037 | farmtwofork.com

The GOODS from Farm 2 Fork

Vancouver, BC | It’s time to experience Farm 2 Fork again with new food, new ideas, and in the new space! In case you haven’t heard, we’ve moved into a new home It’s larger, brighter, and more stylish than before, pushing 1,500 sqft and featuring all brick walls, beautiful walnut flooring, and a very open kitchen.

And with the new season and space comes our new menu. Diners can look forward to new twists and interpretations of classics. Think local rabbit with wild mushrooms and apricots, smoked tomato soup with rich Ccèvre and Saltspring mussels, and charred rainbow trout with wild watercress and horseradish potato noodles. Full menu after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Special Fish Fry & Trivia Night At The Irish Heather In Gastown On October 2

September 26, 2014 

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 | www.irishheather.com

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 | www.irishheather.com

The GOODS from The Irish Heather

Vancouver, BC | Join us on Thursday, October 2nd and play some trivia between 6:30pm and 9pm. The night will see 10 teams with 4 players per team. Successful applicants will receive a free beer upon arrival and a complimentary meal (beer battered fish & chips). To apply, please e-mail reso [at] irishheather.com and request an application form. Applicants must be 19+ years of age and have valid ID. This will be a fun night with a competitive edge! Details after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Local Brewer To Spin Vinyl At The Acorn Tonight For “Spruce Tip Ale” Launch

September 25, 2014 

The Acorn is located at 3995 Main Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9001 | www.theacornrestaurant.ca

The GOODS from The Acorn

Vancouver, BC | R&B Brewing head brewer Todd Graham collaborated with 5 of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs to produce the Chef Series. The line of 650ml limited edition bottled beers are designed to pair with food. Participating chefs were asked to choose a beer style and unique ingredients that they personally connect to. The result? Five incredibly diverse beers that reveal a little bit about each chef and pair perfectly with some of their favourite dishes.

The Acorn’s Spruce Tip Ale (the 2nd beer in the series) was inspired by Chef Brian Skinner. It’s made with locally foraged spruce tips and pairs with the restaurant’s cauliflower croquettes served with juniper aioli, which launches on the menu this week.

To celebrate, brewer Todd Graham will be playing a vinyl only set with local musician/artist extraordinaire Penny Buchner (Slow Learners). Join us tonight, between 10pm-1am Thursday September 25th, for $4 pints and croquettes, $6 cocktails, and great music! Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “Cadeaux Bakery” On Powell St. Is Looking For A Pastry Cook

September 25, 2014 

Cadeaux Bakery is located at 172 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-608-8889 www.cadeauxbakery.com

Cadeaux Bakery is located at 172 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-608-8889 www.cadeauxbakery.com

The GOODS from Cadeaux Bakery

Vancouver, BC | Cadeaux Bakery is a boutique pastry shop specializing in viennoisserie, custom cakes and desserts. We are looking for a pastry cook to join our awesome team. The ideal candidate must be passionate, dedicated and fun. He or she must be flexible and willing to work early mornings. A minimum of 1 year of experience is essential. If you are interested, please email your resume to cadeauxbakery [at] gmail.com or drop your resume off in person to 172 Powell Street. Learn more about us after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Main Street’s Campagnolo To Plate Epic “Cerelia” Autumn Feast On October 1st

September 24, 2014 

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Now a highly anticipated annual event, Campagnolo’s Cerelia celebrates the season end of the Main St. Station Farmers Market. Each year as the leaves start to change colour, the air begins to cool and the produce at the local farmers markets shift from summer to autumn varieties, Chef Nathan Lowey plans his menu for this epic feast. This Italian celebration of harvest will be held on Wednesday, October 1 at 7:00PM. Guests are invited to gather around communal tables and welcome fall by breaking bread with old and new friends.

Late season produce will be celebrated and sourced day of from the Main St. Station Farmers Market and a variety of artisanal purveyors in which Chef de Cuisine Nathan Lowey has built a long standing relationship. Local farms may include Sapo Bravo Organics, Stoney Paradise Farm, Glorious Organics, UBC Farms, Sole Food Street Farms, Crisp Organics, Cropthorne Farm and Icecap Organics. Tickets are $79 plus Eventbrite Service Charge (tax, gratuity and wine are included).

Dinner will be served family-style and paired with wines from local producers La Frenz and Stable Door Cellars including: Stable Door Cellars Riesling, La Frenz Viognier and La Frenz Pinot Noir. Get the full menu and all the important details after the jump… Read more

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