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Matchstick Coffee Roasters



Fraser St.: 639 East 15th Ave. | Vancouver BC V5T 2R6
Telephone: 604-558-0639
Georgia St.: 213 East Georgia St. | Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6
Telephone: 604-336-0213
Web: www.matchstickcoffee.com | Twitter | Facebook
Hours: 7am – 9pm seven days a week


  • Matchstick Coffee | Rommy Ghaly
  • Matchstick Coffee | Rommy Ghaly
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  • Matchstick Coffee | Rommy Ghaly
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  • Matchstick Coffee | Rommy Ghaly
  • Matchstick Coffee | Rommy Ghaly
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About Matchstick Coffee Roasters


At Matchstick Coffee Roasters, we believe that all too often we place common things into categories that they need not belong. Too many of us go about our daily routines, experiencing daily products and services, while subscribing to the underlying premise that that which is familiar must also be mundane. Common becomes status quo. Common becomes trivial. Common becomes commodity.

At the core of Matchstick is our desire to take that which is common, like a daily mug of coffee, and produce it with the highest level of care and attention. We believe that something familiar can still be special. Perhaps we would go so far as to say that it must be special; for it is the everyday, simple, common experiences that tie together the rest of our hectic, fumbled, and unpredictable lives. We celebrate the craft of common products, for the very reason that they are common. If the one thing we can offer as a company is a brief escape from the chaos, to an everyday, commonplace, predictably outstanding mug of coffee, we believe we’ve done something worthwhile.

We have a very simple, and yet impossible goal: we want to serve the absolute highest quality coffee that we can imagine. And we have big imaginations.

An essential component in achieving this goal is to roast our own coffee. Roasting allows us to control and influence a level of production that most companies cannot. It gives us an avenue for experimentation, and room to push the envelope, where others cannot. We are constantly striving to elevate each coffee’s roast profile to one of the highest calibre.

We brew each coffee by the cup, simply because it’s the best coffee we’ve ever tasted. We have more control over when and how the water is introduced to the coffee, and this gives us a noticeable advantage in ensuring a quality extraction. The coffee is freshest this way too. Brewing by the cup also gives us the ability to offer a broader and more diverse range of single origin coffees, rather than having a large vat of “coffee of the day” behind the counter.

Finally, we believe in establishing deep roots in our community. Coffee has an outstanding capacity to connect people. We value this connection as much as we care about the quality of coffee that facilitates it. We are proud to play a part in this.



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