Kitsilano’s ‘Their There’ Dims the Lights and Turns Up the Volume This Weekend

This week, Their There is continuing on its mission to bring fun to Kitsilano, with the introduction of a new cocktail program, late-night snacks menu, and solid playlist.

Readers of Scout will remember the address’ previous evening hustle, Hundy, stopped service in 2021 before reopening in Yaletown in March, 2022. It was a calculated move with motivations that were twofold: to establish a standalone space for Hundy, and to lean into the Their There concept more fully. Although the team has since launched a robust brunch service (Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-3pm), evenings at 2042 West 4th Avenue have remained quiet…

Until now: starting immediately, Their There is offering extended hours and an evening “house party vibe” complete with dimmed lights, and good drinks. Plus, much like how a good house party often spills into the street, it won’t be long before Their There’s curb-side patio seating comes into play, making picnic table seating along West 4th a destination for catching up with pals over drinks on warm summer nights.

What makes this PM persona different from the daytime iteration, beyond dimmed lights and different music? Expect hot coffee being replaced with espresso martinis, and the all-day breakfast menu taking a break while the kitchen gets down to the business of once again making their famous chicken sandwiches (cauliflower version also available). In other good news: Their There’s tater tot situation is carrying over into the evening menu, joined by a few plated dishes including an arugula salad and kimchi cucumbers, as well as some munchies options from Lucky’s Exotic Bodega.

Continuing with the house party spirit, evening libations are approachable and lighthearted, but it should be noted that they’re also coming from pros: GM Sam Thompson (former bar manager at AnnaLena) will be at the helm of the cocktail program, with an assist from Nick Appleby (current bar manager at AnnaLena), whilst Reverie Beall (behind the wine list at AnnaLena) has curated a couple of choice options for wines available by the glass.

Their There’s evening operation will run weekends only, Friday and Saturday nights, to start. Find out more.

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