New Exhibit ‘That Which Sustains Us’ Opens This Week at the Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver’s new long-term exhibit, That Which Sustains Us, opens on Thursday, June 3rd. It will focus on the local rainforest and our complex relationship to it throughout our province’s history.

Although the idea of sustainability isn’t new and our impact on the environment should be undeniable at this point, it remains a topical subject deserving of attention and discussion. The MOV gets that. With this new installation, they are taking a unique approach by sharing some in-depth understanding of how different peoples interact with Greater Vancouver’s natural environment, depending on their learned narratives, and explaining what that means for the land itself. The museum is doing this by utilizing a diverse array of cultural perspectives and then breaking everything down into five categories: Land and Water, Food, Movement, Economy, and Home.

Although the presentation of That Which Sustains Us isn’t exactly straightforward, the story that develops throughout the exhibit is an essential and teachable one. It illustrates the contrasting ramifications that our attitudes towards nature have on our natural surroundings, whether we consider it a commodity at our disposal, or as our responsibility to care for and treat with respect.

That Which Sustains Us was curated by the MOV’s Curator of Indigenous Collections and Engagement, Sharon Fortney, along with the assistance of a group of cultural experts, environmental historians, and forestry researchers from the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Waututh Nation. It was designed by the award-winning duo of Daniel Irvine and Chad Manley.

For safety reasons, advance reservations are still required to view the exhibit. Find out more and buy your tickets here.

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