This Tequila Bar is Trying to Circumvent Covid-19 Restrictions by Becoming a Church

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(via) A restaurant and bar in the British city of Nottingham is taking steps to get around a loophole in that country’s new Covid-19 tier restrictions by becoming a place of worship. The bit of cheeky sneakiness from the Church of 400 Rabbits (previously 400 Rabbits) would mean it could serve patrons…er, worshippers…from the same household or bubble instead of just offering takeout and delivery, as per the new rules.

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Having posted off an application to certify a place of meeting for religious worship (under the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855), the bar is now seeking congregants through its website.

Becoming a Bunny Believer is free (and gets you a certificate), while a £10 ($13) contribution means you’re ordained as a Reverend of the Righteous Rabbits, with a complimentary T-shirt as your official robes.

Owner James Aspell isn’t hopeful that Nottingham’s powers-that-be will look beneficently on his bar’s application, but says it’s a tongue-in-cheek effort “to shine a light on the ridiculousness of the government’s new tier system and how contradictory the rules are.”

Aspell’s quixotic move even found its way into Jimmy Fallon’s monologue last night…

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