Chef Juno Kim Does ‘The Dishes’

We asked the Chef Consultant, Food Stylist, Caterer and Pop-Up maestro to take us on a tour to some of his favourite spots.
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Chef Juno Kim Does ‘The Dishes’

The Dishes is a repeating Scout column that asks Vancouverites to walk us through a map of their ideal day and night on the town. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night cocktails. Tax and tip included.

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For this edition of The Dishes, we tag along on a whirlwind crawl with Chef Consultant, Caterer, Food Stylist and Culinary Pop-Up maestro Juno Kim.

What’s for breakfast?

If it’s a work day, I tend to hit the Juice Truck to get some nutritious fuel in me. I find their macro bowl is incredibly well-rounded. If it’s a day off, I like to hit Au Comptoir on my way to Pacific Spirit Park. Everything is so good, but if I’m refueling from a hard week, I’ll hit up their burger and a duck confit salad.

Juice Truck 28 W 5th Ave. MAP
Au Comptoir 2278 W 4th Ave MAP

Where should we meet for coffee or tea?

If I’m feeling an espresso, I’ll do Nemesis for one of their great rotations. If I’m feeling like sipping, I’ll visit the AeroPress master Eldric at Aubade Coffee inside Space Lab for one of my favourite coffee experiences. For tea, O-Five has some of the most interesting, hard to find loose leafs and tea cakes. As I try to wean myself off of alcohol, this is a great spot to get a lot of what I love from cocktail culture, in a much more subdued format.

Nemesis 302 W Hastings St. MAP
Aubade Coffee 230 E Pender St. MAP
O5 Rare Tea + Kombucha Bar 2208 West 4th Ave. MAP

Now we’re hungry again. What’s for lunch?

Lunch totally depends on where I am. Downtown on a weekday, I’ll hit up Superbaba. If I’m on the East Side, gotta see the homies over at DL Chicken. If I’m close to home, I’ll get my usual at Fat Mao: wing bean salad, fried egg salad, and hot + sour pork noodles. Birds & The Beets is my usual go-to though; their menu is definitely one of the most nutritious in town.

Superbaba Food Truck NW corner of Burrard & Dunsmuir MAP
DownLow Chicken Shack 905 Commercial Dr. MAP
Fat Mao 217 E Georgia St. MAP
The Birds & The Beets 55 Powell St. Vancouver, BC MAP

Who has you figured out for Happy Hour?

Di Beppe slays the happy hour game. Great vibe with delicious Italian snacks and drinks. The crew runs a tight ship; you get what you pay for, every time.

Di Beppe 8 West Cordova St. MAP

What’s for dinner?

Chef Wesley Young at PiDGiN never fails to impress; make sure you get the rice cakes if you haven’t had them before. If I need a quick snack on a busy day, I’ll go see my neighbours and friends over at Juke in Chinatown for some chicken and all of the veg. If I’ve got a whole evening open, the tasting menu experience at Mak N Ming is stellar. If it’s a vegan day, Brian Lutpak at The Acorn makes some beautiful dishes.

PiDGiN 350 Carrall St. MAP
Juke Fried Chicken 182 Keefer St. MAP
Mak N Ming (Closed) 1629 Yew St. MAP
Acorn 3995 Main St. MAP

What’s for dessert?

For sweets, I’d go back to Au Comptoir. Their desserts are beautiful, technical and delicious; the pastry chef Julian Salomoni puts a lot of love into his work. I’m off sugar at the moment, so I personally would head to Anh and Chi for some skewers and veg, instead.

Anh and Chi 3388 Main Street, Vancouver, BC MAP

Where are you taking us for late night cocktails?

Juice Bar and Grapes & Soda for a great selection of natural wines and snacks to pair with. Kristi-Leigh over at PiDGiN kills it with cocktails. If I’m hungry, I’ll head over to The Diamond to indulge in some of Chef Kris Barnholden’s creations with a penicillin in hand.

Juice Bar 54 Alexander St. MAP
Grapes & Soda 1537 West 6th Ave. MAP
The Diamond 6 Powell St. MAP

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