HEADS UP: Get Creative With “The Laser Cutter Cafe” At The Chinatown Experiment


by Michelle Sproule | Derek Gaw owns the coolest machine. Give him a jpeg, word document or vector file and he can use his Full Spectrum Laser Cutter to burn it in to anything from wood veneer to glass (I’ve even seen him use a potato chip as a canvas). With access to this laser cutter you can design and make art, puzzles, sculpture, signage — the sky’s the limit. Once you see what’s possible, you won’t be able to stop yourself from imagining what you could do if you could only get your hands on such a contraption. The lucky thing here is that Derek has set up said wonder-machine at The Chinatown Experiment on Columbia Street for the month of July (and a bit of August). Everyone is invited to check it out. Wander in to see what it can do and sign up for a 30 minute Safety and Basic Usage tutorial (that includes 30 minutes of laser cutting) for $25. Get busy now through August 6th. Doors are open and the machine is on from noon to 9pm every day.

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434 Columbia St. | 30 Minute Laser Reservation $15, 120 Minute Laser Reservation $50 | DETAILS

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