On The Desperation Of Cuddlers & Jimmy-Rigging The Referendum


by Sean Orr | Jimmy-rigged: Jim Pattison to monitor TransLink transit tax spending if referendum passes. Despite the horrible optics of getting a billionaire to manage public funds, I heard he’s quite the tightwad, so…

The “yes” side should use this video! Road rage incident in Vancouver with ‘instant karma’ caught on video. OK, but just to nit pick…that’s “justice” not karma.

Cop out? Why I Am Boycotting the Transit Referendum. While I don’t exactly agree, he does have some very good points:

What irks me the most about this referendum, however, is not the crappy outcomes but its biased structure. As an exclusively mail-in ballot to registered voters, it excludes a huge swath of transit users: those who do not vote, those who are not citizens, those who are under 18, those who do not read and write English.

Why did we abandon the interurban railway in the first place? Photos: The suburban rail system Vancouver abandoned.

Cuddle parties gaining a soft, warm hold in Vancouver. I think it would be pretty easy to lament this as being “soooo disgustingly Vancouver”, but it’s sad for so many other reasons. Take this comment for example: “for some people it isn’t easy to find physical comfort in their daily lives be it due to work, circumstance, or even level of comfort…” These people aren’t creeps paying $60/hour, they’re lonely office workers who bury themselves in their iPhones on their commute to work. Starved for human contact by the rigours of late capitalist society, these are the people whom when you ask them the time they look at you like you’re an alien. Besides, MDMA is cheaper.

Related, unfortunately: My Neighbourhood is a Hipster Wasteland. Wherein the guy who is a self-proclaimed expert on picking up women blames his neighbourhood. A sad day, indeed. “But what bothered me was that they act like men, and they’re angry. I can feel their misandry. It’s their right, I just don’t find it attractive. By “they,” I mean in general”.

Speaking of neighbourhoods, Purebread moves into DTES. Decides to call one of its cookies “crack”. ‘Nuff said.

Kill yourself: Nickelback’s Disco Song ‘She Keeps Me Up’ Is Making Us Reconsider Staying Alive. Making fun of Nickelback is like shooting fish in a barrel with a machine gun.

Related tweet of the day:

Sorry for more self-promotion, but this one is about Vancouver: VICE Exclusive: Needs’ New Track Will Make You Want to Burn Down a Suburb. Shout out to Kerry Jang and Vision Vancouver for the “affordable is something you can afford” quote.

Craigslist of the day: Island’s best guitarist now in town!!!! (Nanaimo).

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  1. Am I the only one concerned about Jim Pattison overseeing these funds? I can already see how his oversight will go. “Break the union”. As someone who was raised in a single income household with my father being a bus driver I wasn’t raised with a whole lot of luxuries but we made by. Take away the union and suddenly we have yet another blue collar job gone from middle class to barely making it. The last thing I want is someone as greedy as Jim Pattison having anything to do with public funds/services. His business practices show exactly how he feels about his employees/general public.

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