VANCOUVER DETAIL #282: Awesome Cycle Tire Pump Just Installed At Hawks & Union

The city recently installed this new public bicycle pump on the Adanac Bikeway at Union & Hawks in Strathcona. It’s really simple. Cyclists (or parents with newfangled jogger strollers) just roll up, stabilize whichever tire(s) needs air in the bracket provided, click in and then pump using a handy foot lever. Note that it only works with Schrader valves. If your tires have Presta valves, you’re in luck as another (Presta-friendly) pump was just installed not far away at the entrance to Science World. Bonus: cherry blossoms! Ride on!

UPDATE: It does that Presta valves! You just have to read the pictogram directions!


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  1. I love it! i’m not crazy about the bike lane being on Union St. -this wonderful tire station will get my mind off that for now.

  2. It works with Presta… I’m pretty sure it did, when I used it. I did use it, so it must have. It was late and I’d had a few.

  3. Bikes on Union. Yes. We pay property taxes too. Whiners please come to grips.
    This is a nice gesture. Bike pump love!!