Seen In Vancouver #363: The Puglian Supper In The Back Garden Of Le Marche St. George

Scout and Le Marche St. George hosted a pretty amazing supper the other night (tickets were $25 and it sold out in less than half an hour). Renaissance man Tonio Creanza of Italy’s Messors led us through a tasting of his family’s delicious olive oil in the shop before leading us outside to a table of 20 set in the idyllic green coddled and candle-lit backyard. The weather was a close run thing; envious to start and jealous to close. We got in the burrata, caprese, pastas, and sausage in sugo courses before the rain protested, but it was altogether as beautiful an evening of good wine, good food, and good people as one can ever hope to have on a Spring night in Vancouver, and finishing with olive oil-dressed basil ice cream on almond, fig and apple crostada back indoors was perfect punctuation. Thanks to Tonio for the food, enlightenment, and songs; and to Jennifer, Luis, Kari, the Larsens, and everyone who broke bread with us. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Italy to learn about the land, the food, and the connection between the two, Tonio’s your man. He’s running two in-residence workshops in Puglia this summer that would turn any food-lover on. More of Michelle’s photos below…

  • Le Marche St. George
  • The set up | Le Marche St. George
  • Luis and Kari | Le Marche St. George
  • Pascal and Lola | Le Marche St. George
  • Mise en place | Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Parm chunks | Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Kari
  • Almost seated | Le Marche St. George
  • Cat
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Patricia Larsen and Luis | Le Marche St. George
  • Tonio Creanza | Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Le Marche St. George
  • Creanza's Olive Oil Tasting | Le Marche St. George
  • Olive Oil
  • Tonio Creanza explaining his "Just Off the Boat" olive oil | Le Marche St. George
  • Tonio Creanza doling out tastes of his family's olive oil
  • mmm
  • Taste testing
  • Taste testing (Maxwell digs it)
  • Buddies
  • The evening's menu
  • Caprese
  • Puglian burrata with olive oil
  • Puglian burrata with olive oil
  • Guest wrapped up
  • Janaki with Lola
  • And we're off...
  • Lots please
  • Tonio dishes orrechiete with rabe and anchovies
  • orrechiete with rabe and anchovies
  • Tagliatelle with walnut basil pesto
  • Tagliatelle with walnut basil pesto
  • Tonio sings and plays
  • Tonio sings and plays
  • Brasciola in sugo
  • Patricia Larsen
  • Janaki getting set up for dessert in the shop
  • Kari dresses basil ice cream and an apple, fig and almond crostada
  • Basil ice cream on apple, fig, and almond crostada
  • Maxwell finds a pal
  • Check it out.


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