TEA & TWO SLICES: On The NDP Loving Nazis And How Not To Live Next To The PNE

by Sean Orr | If you thought the Canucks handed the Kings a series, ladies and gentleman, meet your next governing party, the NDP:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was shouted down during a debate in question period Thursday on the Afghanistan mission for suggesting the NDP – not yet in existence – didn’t even support Canada’s military involvement in the Second World War.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Meanwhile, U.S. Tea Party architects (the Koch brothers) poured half a million dollars into Canadian right-wing think tank, the Fraser Institute. You know it as the place where the Vancouver Sun gets its editorial directors.

Smear Piece: Pantages’ foes need to check their heads. According to the Courier, developer Marc Williams has been “consistently vilified” by Ivan Drury et al over this project. So the paper takes it upon itself to act as pushback? I mean, I’m not necessarily defending Drury’s often inflammatory rhetoric, but on the other hand I’d be pretty disappointed if there was total silence on this project. Perhaps every development should be met with such fierce democracy (see Rize and Woodwards).

Urban planners oppose lowering Vancouver’s demands to developers. In other news, developers oppose lowering demands to urban planners (I know that’s dumb, but I just can’t seem to find anything wrong with anything Jeff Lee writes).

Not news to anyone: Vancouver ‘vulnerable’ to housing bust, RBC warns.

In Cold Blood: Province columnist Jon Ferry visits Marc Emery in jail in Mississippi. “But then the Bible says — and Mississippi knows a thing or two about the Bible — that a prophet is not without honour, except in his own country and among his own kin.” Truman Capote, eat your heart out.

Tweet of the day c/o T. Fed: “IF U ARE A BIG FAT FUCKING CRYBABY MOVE TO VANCOUVER WE LOVE U” regarding the PNE banning electronic music after some idiot who moved next to an amusement park complained. No Justice? No Peace.

Printemps Erable: Manifesto for a Maple Spring.

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  1. Here is a question to ponder.

    How does anywhere as disgusting as Budgies Burritos manage to stay open? I mean seriously, just mind boggling how completely repulsive their food is.

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