CRAFT BEER ATLAS // This Destination Brewery Is a Retro Tribute to Farming Families

Screenshot from Barnside Brewing Co.

Scout’s alphabetical Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver was designed to grow with our brewing scene, so from time to time – like right now – we add new entries.

The ingredients grown on site are the backbone of every one of Barnside Brewing Co.‘s fresh, raw, and unfiltered beers. The new brewing company out in Delta was launched in 2019. It’s located on 100+ year-old farmland that includes hop yards and fields of barley, rye, potatoes and cranberries, all of it run by four local families. The centrepiece is a barn-inspired brewery and tasting room constructed of wood salvaged from old neighbourhood barns. This “agriculture retro” styled destination brewery puts an emphasis on good ol’ fashioned community values, hard work and passion, which comes across in the brews.

Favourite beer to date: the Ladner Clay IPA (6% ABV) — a delicious, hazy testament to the clay soil.

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