On Cruise Ships Being Lame and Climate Change Deniers Investing in Waterfront

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An Indigenous developer ignored Vancouver’s zoning rules, and all sorts of good things happened. “It is often said Vancouver’s insanely high real estate prices are due to a lack of land. That’s not exactly right.” Yeah, but it’s not because we lack density either. Indeed, there’s no notion as to whether or not any of these units will be affordable.

While flaunting Vancouver’s oppressive regulations on parking spaces is certainly laudable, it’s telling that the YIMBYs are salivating at this development: Adrian Crook: Let’s partner with housing providers to get serious about Vancouver’s rental shortfall. They are using the fact that the Squamish own their own land as a wedge against certain councillors voting against rental projects. The takeaway is not that building lots of units increases affordability, it’s that we could work wonders if we built non-market housing on city-owned land or, better yet, expropriated land. Implement rent control, tax the speculators, apply intelligent land use controls…basically do what Vienna did.

Of course, when you’ve got proactive elites redirecting class war toward age lines instead of fighting it on class lines, it’s going to be a struggle — At Issue: The Young and The Houseless. “It could have been just another standard ‘conservatives on one side, progressives on the other’ kind of vote. But the three opposed appeared to have only one common denominator: they were all born before 1960.” Trying to frame Swanson as a boomer just wildly voting no on rental projects is the most OK Boomer thing I’ve seen. And quoting San Francisco YIMBY developer front groups to make that point? That’s a load of Bula.

Because, in the end, this is who suffers: She fled domestic abuse. Now she and her daughter are victims of the housing crisis. “According to MacDougall, about 200 women and children are turned away from homeless shelters every night in BC…” Fucking hell.

Why are there so many labour disputes in B.C. right now? “Job actions across the province are largely coincidental, but there are common threads”. Is the common thread that the incessant war of attrition waged against workers in the name of austerity has a breaking point? Is the common thread that we no longer buy into your red-baiting fear-mongering when it comes to organizing? Is the common thread that the only way to combat multiple crises – housing, climate, opioid – is to do it ourselves?

When two of those crises collide: Climate-change deniers may be propping up home prices in waterfront communities, research suggests. Nothing underpins the failure of the market quite like this single headline. Even land that is going to be underwater in 50 years doesn’t depreciate.

Cruise Ships Dump 1 Billion Litres Of Sewage Into BC Waters Every Year Causing Dead Zones. Enjoy those local oysters while you still can.

Alberta Can Transition from Oil and Gas and Have a Strong Economy. Here’s How. That they failed to already do this and are now blaming the rest of Canada for their woes is just so very Alberta.

Related: A note to Western Canada: The rest of the country understands tough economic times.

You didn’t invent hardship. Your preaching is a slap in the face to all your fellow Canadians who suffered while you thrived. It’s that slap that they’re really having trouble understanding.

Satire: B.C. exits from Wexit with BCexitwexit

Hockey of the day: Vancouver Canucks captain says ‘no place’ in hockey for Don Cherry’s comments. Oh captain my captain! Can’t wait for all the comments from Freeze Peach idiots who don’t understand that free speech doesn’t include freedom from consequence. Also, I can’t wait for Don Cherry’s own show called “You People”. Here’s hoping Bhupinder Hundal replaces him and we stop perpetuating the stereotype of the thankless immigrant and making them prove their “Canadianness”.

Bonus: One Month To Live: SNFU Frontman Mr. Chi Pig Talks About Life, Love And The Art Of Drawing Himself To Death.

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