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73 E Cordova Street | Vancouver BC | V6A 1K3
Tel: 604-620-9260 | Email: info@ponysalon.com | ONLINE BOOKING
Web | www.ponysalon.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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Pony Salon opened its doors in late November 2012 in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown area and is home to a team of hand-selected experienced, engaged and thoughtful stylists. The salon ‘keeps it simple’ by specializing in what they do best; expert haircuts, hair colours and styling serviced by top professionals who are passionate about their craft.

The salon space showcases the 100 year old bones of the building with high ceiling, south facing windows and exposed posts and beams, a design aesthetic that personifies the historical Gastown neighbourhood. An assortment of complimentary beverages, the latest fashion magazines (including those bewitching gossip magazines), wifi and comfortable styling chairs all help the staff easily provide for every experiential need during services.

Pony Salon is not just a home for hair, but also an intersection where the Gastown’s incredible art, fashion and food communities meet and share ideas. It’s the place where a few strong, dedicated and spirited hair stylists are crafting wearable art.

The salon exclusively carries the Bumble and bumble hair care line from New York City and staff frequently train at the House of Bumble in Manhattan.



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