Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Was Represented In A Bird’s Eye Mosaic


(via) I love mosaics, especially Roman ones. There’s just something about the colourful arrangement of thousands of little tessarae (the smaller the better) that makes me smile. I particularly enjoy watching them get uncovered by archaeologists (watch these guys reveal the beauties at Dinnington in Somerset), but that doesn’t happen every day. Mosaicists are a rare breed in the modern age, but Gerhard Marx, an artist in South Africa, recently put together one of the most gorgeous and unique mosaics I’ve ever seen with Spier Architectural Arts. Instead of Apollo and Daphne prancing around a pomegranate or a simple geometric pattern, it’s a realistic birds-eye rendering of a section of Johannesburg done in marble, travertine, red brick, ceramic, and chips of Venetian smalti glass, all set within 56 different panels. Altogether, the free-standing work of art weighs three tonnes. Watch the video below to get a feel for the process…

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