The View From Your Window: #1


Strathcona | Vancouver, BC | 10:47am

One of my favourite things about Andrew Sullivan’s Atlantic Monthly blog is his every-once-in-a-while feature called The View From Your Window. Readers from around the world send in photographs of what they can see from their window. Sully even turned the results of the experiment into a book, which you can check out and purchase here.

We’d like to do it here on Scout, too. If you’d like to submit a photo of your view, even if its of a brick wall or a garde manger station, please do so by emailing a photo (no less than 585px wide) with a note detailing the time it was taken and the neighbourhood to andrew [at] scoutmagazine [.ca] with The View Through Your Window in the subject line. Don’t worry, we won’t publish your name or start a database detailing where are readers live so we can steal your garden gnomes. We just think it’ll be a cool thing to see and share the world through your eyes.

That’s my view up top. What’s yours?

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